Human stuff that dogs can't stand

Things that dogs just can't stand

Hello friends! My name is Elvis (dad also calls me Elvis The Pelvis) and I'm still a very young mestizo. I live with my mom and dad and I also have some older brothers with whom I share the baby food and the cot: together we have fun and we love each other very much. The thing we love most is spending time with our human parents, because they devote a lot of attention to us and show us their affection every day: together we are really good! Yet, every now and then, mom and dad forget that we have special needs and implement some small behaviors that we don't understand and that could harm our serenity. I would love to tell them how to improve, so I decided to write one small list to make him understand what are the behaviors that could annoy us furry ones, indeed they are the ones that all of us dogs cannot stand, here they are:

  • Our human friends like to pamper us, and we love to let them! There are some gestures, however, that do not respect our needs as dogs and are not really suitable for building a correct relationship with us. For example, we hate when we are patted on the head: it is a gesture that invades our most intimate spaces. We much prefer to be scratched behind the ears, on the back or under the neck, with delicacy… honestly I really like it when dad scratches my armpits: it's my “weak point”;
  • The most beautiful moment of the day, after eating and cuddling, is certainly that of stroll. Let us enjoy it with peace of mind, without rushing us or taking us away as soon as we discover an interesting place;
  • Okay, if it's raining or cold we can also put on a coat but please avoid making a fool of us just for your personal taste, it's enough to put that thing in it to keep us from getting wet, but let's be clear we're not toys! We gobble up toys;
  • We love the hugs of our humans, they are the sweetest and most beautiful thing in the world! But we also have the need to safeguard intimacy, space and independence: always keep this in mind do not overdo it ... every now and then we tolerate it just to make you happy;
  • The leash is not meant to yank and pull us away from any place we find interesting: we need to explore, smell, know what surrounds us. It's a bit like they take your cell phone off just as you are about to read a message… how would you get angry?
  • Our nose is a real miracle of nature: we can perceive smells in a way that you cannot even imagine. Precisely for this reason, if you really care about our well-being, you should avoid overdoing the use of perfume: bothers us and confuses us ... but then do you really need it? The scents of nature are fantastic;
  • We are very sensitive to non-verbal language: looking at each other in the eye without knowing each other could be interpreted as a gesture of challenge, even if the look of my humans with me is almost always very sweet ... apart from when I combine one of mine, there the look changes a bit;
  • If there's one thing we love, it's when our human best friends tell us stories. In an understandable way, however, well beyond words: it is not necessary to stun us with rivers of chatter, two words between friends, a look and we understood each other;
  • Even though we love you, anxiety, stress, and overly boisterous ways of doing things undermine our natural balance: do not turn us into small living anti-stress: mutual respect as well as love ... so much we know before you how you are, we read inside you;
  • We know that towards us there is a pure and sincere love but there is nothing more annoying than picking us up, we are not children do you want to understand? Nor if there is another dog, you could only put us in a position to urge the other dog to jump on us. Let's not talk about those ladies who then put us in their handbags, but what are we accessories? A little respect for my small-sized friends please.

So please come to meet us, we stick to your rules and you respect ours, ok ?!