Dog rescued by the mountain rescue at 2000 meters on Terminillo

The story of the dog rescued by the mountain rescue

Have you ever felt the cold, the real one? I do, and I assure you, it is not funny at all: you feel your strength failing, your fur freezing, you are weak, even your vision becomes blurred.
How did I get up there on that mountain? I don't remember, maybe I lost my way chasing some rabbit: the fact is that I don't even know how I found myself in the midst of the storm.

The mountain I was on is called Terminillo (in the province of Rieti), or so I seemed to understand, and the altitude at which they recovered me is around 2000 meters: but do you know how many are 2000 meters? A lot, about 15000 sausages !!!
Sausages, my favorite food: who knows if I'll eat any more, I wondered, with my paws immersed in the snow.

I had a really bad time! I was really scared: my white fur, just white like snow, up to that moment a great element of pride with my friends, this time it was playing against me: they will never find me, I kept repeating myself. How I hated my royal fur, in the hours when I feared it would confuse me with the mountain backdrop.
They will never find me, I repeated to myself, never, never, and in the meantime I felt the ice immobilize me more and more.

After a few hours the fear and the cold gave way to sleep: happens you know? they say it's called frostbite. I can't tell you what happened then: I just know that the silence that enveloped me at a certain point was interrupted by human voices: “It's here, it's here, I heard people repeat, hurry up, quick, quick!”.

That din woke me up suddenly: is it a dream? I couldn't think of anything else. Maybe I'm already dead and this is dog heaven, I told myself. Not dead !! I am very much alive and happy to be able to tell you about my incredible adventure: those voices I heard were human voices, yes, but those of saving angels… the boys and girls of the mountain rescue.
Someone, with a super view (otherwise it is not explained) he must have recognized me: a snow-white ball, in the middle of the snow the real one: incredible isn't it?

I have heard that they are called "mountaineers", that is people who come here on the mountain, in the middle of the snow, on purpose, for fun, and they just seem to like it ... but can you be more incredible?
However, luckily these angels also exist, otherwise goodbye forever to my beloved sausages! The two climbers, however, did not have the tools to bring me to safety. They could have left me there, to freeze slowly, not always for us furry ones there is all this care, this attention but instead there are also humans with a good heart: and I am not referring only to the two humans who called for help, but also to those who came up here to bring me to safety!

I heard that they are the technicians of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps (Cnsas) of Lazio: they have climbed up here, where the mountain has one slope of 60% and step by step they took me downstream to a warm shelter. To do this they used a somewhat uncomfortable harness, but I can't say it wasn't worth it: the atmosphere in this refuge is truly wonderful, everyone cuddles me, thinks about what name to give me, they're really cute and kind.

Too bad no one has yet decided to bring me my sausages ... I'm here waiting huh ?! 😀

Here is the video of my rescue