The dog-friendly car, made especially for us quadrupeds

The new dog friendly concept for a dog-friendly car

And who would have thought that one day, finally, our human friends would have created a super dog-friendly car suitable for us? Yes, because me My name is Tommy and I am a medium sized mixed breed dog and I love to walk around. My human Marianna adopted me when I was just a puppy: I looked at her with the tenderest eyes I could do to be pampered and take home with her. It worked, and since then my friend has always kept me with her, looks after me, loves me and takes me everywhere because a special relationship has been established between us, like those that only we dogs know how to create.

Io I love to drive with her, I really like jumping in the back seats and hearing the car turn, then accelerate, then brake and then start again, I find it great fun, for me it's a carousel! But I also see how much Marianna goes to great lengths to create the perfect bed for me even in the car, to carry all my accessories and everything needed to make sure that I am well too.

I see her spread a waxed sheet over the rear seats that promptly slip, I see her take with her water bottles, bowlstowels to clean my paws before getting on, make me drink and much more. I give her a lot of headaches, in fact, every time she has to transport me in the car ... What's more, she once got a fine because of me because she forgot to fasten my car. security belt and I jumped on the passenger seat without warning and the brigade, realizing my presence there, stopped her and made a report.

But I know that a concept of one has finally been devised dog-friendly car specific to the needs of our best human friends who have adopted one of us quadrupeds, in short, one dog friendly machine. I heard it's an idea from the Japanese manufacturer Nissan e it's called X-Trail 4Dogs, an SUV designed precisely to facilitate our humans to take us everywhere with them.


The car, in fact, is designed with a rear compartment exclusively dedicated to us dogs, made of coatings washable interior, impermeable and easy cleaning, a bowl impossible to overturn (even for the most experienced in teasing) and even one walkway to help us climb without difficulty. The driver can also look at me directly, and I look at him (she in my case) without having to turn around and lose focus on driving, through a bidirectional camera.


There is also one shower with hose and an integrated drying system, perfect for when Marianna will take me to the sea and want to get me into the car having first rinsed the water laden with salt and then dried. In short, it really is the dog-friendly car, perfect to go in holiday with a dog by the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside or for a simple weekend... by the way you know that from the module at the top of each page you can search and compare only and exclusively hotels that accept dogs, the dog friendly apartments or farmhouses restaurants e resort where we pets are welcome? If your human is already thinking about organizing the Easter holidays or next summer ... make his life much easier and let him try!


I saw my human open several side compartments and in one in particular I smelled the smell of croquettes ... but do you think I don't notice ?! In the others I have seen my leash, the bags for the needs and other things that interest me less such as medical pipettes that every month he puts me to keep me healthy.


There is also one very soft kennel it's a smart food dispenser for us dogs, which releases kibble whenever we want. But that's not all! Because this magnificent car dedicated to us dogs loved by our human friends, also has one containment belt for the safety of us 4-legged passengers it's a speaker which is needed to hear the voice of our bipedal friends. All accessories that, I heard from my human Marianna, can be removed if we do not have to get into the car, thus using that space in the car for other luggage and types of transport. In short, Nissan could not have given us a better gift, let's just hope they put it into production soon also because my friend Mela, President of Trip For Dog the 4-legged tourist guide, he told me that as soon as it comes out it will become his representative car.