DogFilmFestival: the dog as the absolute protagonist

The first competition entirely dedicated to the dog as the absolute protagonist, the DogFilmFestival

Hi human friend, I'm Cody, a jack russel all pepper and I wanted to tell you something about DogFilmFestival, an event my two-legged mom told me about today.

DogFilmFestival is one review open to all that deals with cinema and literature who wants to show the world how much affection I can give to my family and how much my other four-legged friends can give to theirs. It promotes dog culture and values ​​us. The nice thing is that we quadrupeds are the center of attention.

Among the prizes there are also all-inclusive holiday packages in super dog friendly facilities offers from TripForDog, the 4-legged tourist guide

Now I'll explain to you how it works, you can subscribe to three categories at the head of which there is a jury:

  • Producers,
  • Lovers,
  • Writers



You can be part of the category Producers if your passion is to shoot videos or produce them. In this case the jury that will evaluate the works is that of the Festival Cinema. I haven't told you yet, however, what products you can present. Now I'll list them: feature films, shorts, series, documentaries and even animation; obviously my four-legged colleagues and I must be the protagonists.
Look at the Producers Announcement



I Lovers instead they concur shooting videos that will be published on the Festival's YouTube channel, do you know what it means? That anyone who shares life with someone like me can participate, I hope my human mom is also participating, I'd like to end up on YouTube, obviously who will vote here will be all those social social humans ...
Look at the Lovers Announcement



The last category are i Writers, I like this too much because tells amazing stories about us as protagonists or co-protagonists alongside, perhaps, a human subject. All the stories will then be evaluated by the Literary Jury of the Festival.
See the Writes Call



In addition to these main there are also other categories dedicated to us but out of competition.

These are really very interesting because it's about my heroes, all those dogs that have earned a place of honor in the history of cinema and television; for me they are a great inspiration, they teach me that in addition to eating slippers I can defend my family with all my courage.

Obviously, in the DogFilmFestival, not only film heroes are awarded but also all my colleagues who take to the field every day and valiantly help humans and human puppies in pet therapy or in the safety of the country; just think of the dogs drug, I once saw one at the airport. Besides these there are also my friends who work in first aid like rescue dogs at the sea or that they are on the front line when something bad happens like, for example, an earthquake. They are also a great inspiration for me, I would have liked to have done this job once I grew up but my mother did not let me try because she said that I was not even able to get on the sofa without a run up. Oh well, I'll keep watching the other dogs on the news and chasing the postman.

Since you're still reading I just wanted to remind you of one thing. Our life as a pet is short compared to yours so I will accompany my human mom for a small period of her life but you accompany your four-legged friend all his life so take care of him, he loves you unconditionally and it has only you. Don't abandon him, he would die of pain, don't leave him too alone, he would die of loneliness. Love him as he loves you and as I love my family because they are my everything to me.

What are you waiting for, subscribe now to the category you feel most yours:


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