Dogs, cats and rabbits in hospital: Finally in Lombardy it is possible

Finally dogs, cats and rabbits in hospital: you no longer have to give up the love of your four-legged friends, at least in Lombardy.

This morning I was like every morning with Caterina, my human mother, out for the usual stroll in the neighborhood. She always buys the newspaper because she likes to keep up to date and so I heard that Gigi, the newsagent who with his typical Neapolitan accent tells her: “Caterì these people from the North are always ahead of us!”. Because we have been living here in the province of Milan for about ten years and I like it very much, we are welcome almost everywhere but still not quite in all hospitals.

Mom asked what he meant and he continued: "In Lombardy from today our four-legged friends can enter the hospital!" as to Dishes or in Emilia-Romagna. My mother was moved because my grandfather Oreste has been in the hospital for a few days to do some tests and he is so fond of me and I know he would like to see me, and I would also be happy because when we are together he makes me a lot of scratching and playing with me to jump the obstacle and I love him very much. Obviously this law has nothing to do with Pet Therapy of which many associations are already operating in the Lombard hospitals, there are other regulations ... here we are talking about being able to finally have a hospitalized relative visit your furry friend.

When we got home, Mom went to the computer for look for more information on this new law while I kept her company by being good on her legs. We saw a commercial with a beautiful little dog really not bad ... even if I was distracted by her beauty, if I understand correctly, by what her mother said on the phone with Aunt Lo ', in these hospitals it will be enough to make a written request and agree with the hospitalized patient's roommates And that's it.

NB Of course you need to be clean and combed, accompanied by an adult human friend, be on a leash and with a muzzle and be up to date with vaccines. Nothing that cannot be done in a few moves e make a small sacrifice to be with loved ones.

I don't know grandpa how long he will have to stay but I know that if he is going to stay for a long time, mom will have him transferred to one of these hospitals. For at the moment there are only 16 health facilities in the whole of Lombardy that accept dogs, cats and rabbits in hospital but soon we will have free access in all the hospitals of the Region! The only departments where we will not be able to enter are intensive care and emergency surgery but in those I really hope that grandfather doesn't have to go.

However, I already imagine grandfather Oreste sad looking at the window thoughtful as he is, I know him better than he thinks, and I arrive wagging and wagging my tail as only I know how to do and reprint a smile on his face in four and four eight. I believe that a visit to the hospital of your pet is worth more than a drip or an injection!

In the meantime, grandfather Oreste had to stay longer than expected for something a little more serious than I thought and my mother took him to one of those hospitals where I can also enter, which at the moment, as I said, there are only 16 in all of Lombardy! Tomorrow I'm finally going to give him my first little surprise and I'm sure he'll be amazed and cuddle me, I'm sure.

Today we re-checked my health book, I am fine and I went to make myself beautiful by my friend from the toilet Lulù. Mom made the request and Grandpa's roommate agrees indeed he can't wait to meet me because he too has a furry friend at home and has already asked his family to want to see her as soon as possible. Maybe it's the right time that I settle down too, I've seen a photo and I'm already in love. 😉

I just hope that now all the Regions and hospitals of Italy will compete to give all the grandparents, fathers and mothers of Italy the opportunity to have us by their side during the periods to be forced away from home. We are 100% family members and by virtue of this we always want to be close to our loved ones. And that's that.