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Choose to ...

Choose to have the house full of fur,
Choose to get up early in the morning even if you would like to sleep,
Choose to spend more on food, accessories and vet more for him than for you,
Choose to have a wagging tail that welcomes you whatever happens when you get home,
Choose to find various toys, balls and puppets scattered around and risk a leg every night,
Choose to open any package and know you are about to be attacked,
Choose not to take a plane anymore but not for this reason give up your holidays.Instead, you use to organize a tailor-made trip for him,
Choose to leave the house with 40 ° or with the storm,
Choose to have two eyes on you when you are about to eat,
Choose to believe in unconditional love,
Choose to see a lightning bolt coming as you take the house keys,
Choose to feel a mysterious presence behind you when you open the fridge,
Choose to go out late even if you're broken
Choose to ...