Two chihuahuas traveling to Germany
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In general travel with us dogs it's not easy, we don't deny it, but turn theEurope with your dog it's less complicated than it seems, a little organization is all it takes.
We can confirm it for you Traveling Chihuahuas, two chihuahua dogs adopted by a blonde who travel around Europe, and even beyond, by all means available: trains, bus, planes, BlaBlaCar, hitchhiking and hot air balloons.

The countries of our old continent are almost all pet friendly and with parks equipped with dog area. A good example is the Germany, the last trip we did: we never had to buy bags for dog needs because in every city we found them close to parks and baskets.

Our tour started from Milan, starting by hitchhiking to get as close as possible to the Swiss border. From there we continued with a passage in Blablacar crossing 5 countries in a few hours: Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austra and Germany to get to Munich.

Monaco has a huge and beautiful English garden (englischer garten) with several areas and pubs to eat. It features a river, a pond, a Chinese pagoda, restaurants, boats, monuments and even a group surfing (yes, you got it!) On the waves of the Eisbach River near a bridge. We rode around the park by bike with the mamy, having fun spying on the surfers!

Our journey continued with a step up to Dresden, East German city on the Elbe River. A beautiful old town that was rebuilt after the bombing of the Second World War. Dresden is a university city with many houses and dormitories that are affected by the communist era. Dogs are allowed in the gardens of museums and historic residences, such as that of Zwinger, but unfortunately not inside.

After Dresden we arrived at Hamburg, beautiful city on the water. Harbor, boats, friendly people, cathedrals and the beautiful St Pauli district. We followed a free tour guide of the city that in three hours made us visit the most important and significant areas on foot (and paws). We went up to St Michael's Cathedral, without going inside, and took a boat ride to see the city from the water.

Last stop on our tour was Colonia, another city that overlooks a river: the Rhine. A cathedral that resembles that of Milan, bridges, small beaches on the river, hipster areas with clubs (such as Aachener Straße) and a funfair. In short, there is fun! As in other German cities, even in Cologne there are beautiful parks and walks along the rivers where you can walk your dogs, even if we are not allowed in practically any museum!

In general, in Germany, it is no problem to enter gardens, parks, restaurants, boats, public transport, clubs and trains with the dog. More difficult to get them admitted in museums, private buses, hostels and hotels (in some hotels they are allowed if you pay a supplement).

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