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*** PRICES VALID FROM 1/6 TO 5/10 2021 ***

Villages suspended in time between woods and sky embraced by the mountains; forests of holm oaks and hooked pines, springs of water and natural caves; small charming lodgings and shelters from the welcome with the local peasant cuisine and tasty, with a typically mountain mold.

Hidden in the Alps the Val Maira overlooks the French border and it is recent discovery as paradise for walkers accompanied by faithful 4-legged friends. You will not find chaos, ski slopes or mass tourism, but only pristine villages and unspoiled nature. happily by many animals and some curious but benevolent gnomes, respects the territory and its habitat keeping your dog on a leash, perhaps with a 3 m lead so that he too can enjoy the Way and appreciate all the smells and colors of the place.

THEFrench influence it is clearly perceptible in the food, in the language, in the culture of the place and it does nothing but render this even more fascinating territory, because it is permeated by a tip of mystery just waiting to be revealed, a great beauty can be found in places not yet fully known.

NB It is a covid free private self-guided tour, it will be just you and your family or friends who will pass from one stage to another at your own pace, supported by an app that will show you the routes. Like everything included reported below, there is also 24h support, veterinary support, luggage transport from one stage to another.



PLACES No limits, independent multi-day BauTour
MEETING San Michele Prazzo (CN)
WHEN Departure every day from 1st June to 5th October 2021
TIME / DURATION 5 days / 4 nights
APPAREL Hiking equipment suitable for the season for trails, plenty of water, mask, leash, muzzle (to be brought with you by law, NOT TO WEAR), manure bags

5 days / 4 nights stay in 2 different structures;
Access to the restaurant with the dog;
2 breakfasts and 2 sets of picnics each;
4 dinners each;
Luggage transport San Michele-Ponte Maira / Chiappera;
Guest transport Ponte Maira-Chiappera;
Chiappera-Ponte Maira guest transport;
Transportation of guests and luggage Ponte Maira / Chiappera-San Michele di Prazzo;
App with real-time route;
Chaminar maps in Val Maira (by Bruno Rosano) scale 1: 20.000;
Injury insurance;
Cancellation insurance;
24h telephone support;
Veterinary contact for emergencies;
EXCLUDING Anything not included;
Tourist tax to be paid locally;
Dog supplement to be paid locally;
Any damage caused to the structures;

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Policy on changes

It is possible to change this reservation with 21 days notice.
In case of cancellation from DPCM the reservation is insured!


Details will be sent to all participants, see the PROGRAM in the dedicated section

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Day 1

Arrival in San Michele Prazzo

Accommodation:Locanda - € 14 dog supplement to be paid on site, access to the restaurant with a leash, green space to walk and run safely, structure without kennel (in case equip yourself with your own blanket)
San Michele is now the residence of less than 50 inhabitants, but stopping a few minutes in the main square is easy to catapult to the times when this place was the hub of the social life of the 24 villages scattered around the San Michele valley.
The church and the Town Hall they face each other a little the sacred and the profane in Don Camillo.
When you decide, a bus will take you to the first reception facility.

Day 2

Lou Viol Genesté San Michele loop (10 km)
Today you will walk on the left side of the Val Maira, in the Vallone di San Michele. You will follow a passage from “Lou Viol Dal Genesté” - the fragrant Path of the Brooms, a path to anello that will take you through a series of micro environments with unique bio diversity differences.You will immerse yourself with your dog in sparse larch woods and dense spruce forests, you will cross prairies to find yourself in the presence of rocky, sharp and scenographic walls all in a only day. With a little luck, to spot the real "locals": one of the splendid roe deer chasing each other among the trees, gods jumping chamois safe among the rocks or maybe even agolden eagle soaring in the often very blue sky. Always keep your dog on a leash to respect animals and their habitat: it's their home!

Day 3

From San Michele to Ponte Maira (17 km)

Have breakfast with del yummy homemade bread and abounds with some biscuits your faithful 4-legged friend: energy is needed for today's journey, prepares the heart to grasp and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the views along your path.

La ascent is challenging, but every effort is rewarded by the scenographies that will present you in front of your eyes.
Shady woods and open pastures, tiny stone villages and the privilege of being between heaven and earth that almost merge, from here it is It is possible to stop in Ussolo and take a transfer.

The goal is Acceglio on the border with France: a handful of huts surrounded by one uncontaminated nature, where you can rest and regenerate yourself with the local cuisine, tasty and substantial… remember some snacks for the furry dog!

Day 4

Chiappera ring (10 km)
Accommodation: Inn - 10 € dog supplement to be paid on site, access to a reserved restaurant room with a leash, green space for walking on a leash.

Today a small transfer will take you to the jewel-like village of Chiappera: the last inhabited village of Val Maira, located at 1620m above sea level, owes unimaginable beauty to a forty-year landscape constraint and to a recovery with the utmost respect for local architecture.

In front of you stands the Rocca Provenzale, a spike of rock that rises against the sky, a symbol of the village and of the entire Castello / Provenzale group. Today's route is short but full of incredible views: the initial climb is a short one to enjoy privileged views of the eastern part of the Provençal Group, but immediately afterwards the gradients smooth out as you walk through immense green meadows, the horizon in front of you. rocky mountain, one of the most photographed instagram places in Piedmont.

The route is a circular route that takes you back to Chiappera, from where you will be transported to your accommodation for refreshment and rest.

Day 5

Maira ring bridge (13-16 km)

You know when they say it seems to be in a fairy tale? Today you will be able to perceive the beauty of the path that awaits you today from the place where you will be left at the end of the short morning transfer: the Sorgenti Maira, an enchanted place of large meadows and artificial lakes, animated only by the sound of crystal clear water ... it seems to live Heidi's life firsthand.

The Frassati Path starts: the itinerary is a continuous surprise, from the blue mountain lakes to the bunkers that Mussolini built on the border with France, from the caverns and caverns that open into the rock of the large vertical walls to the dense and fragrant woods. by Pino Uncinato.

The path is very suggestive and you will seem to be able to see among the trees the small and stealthy figures of the Sarvanot: the gnomes who according to local tradition inhabit these woods, observing the passing travelers. They are gruff and shy but in case of need, they intervene to help walkers in difficulty.

The route ends at the springs, from where you can return to your accommodation.

NB 5th day, customers can have the transfer that takes them back to San Michele in the morning or, if they also want to do the walk on day 5 (Ponte Maira ring), it is possible to move the transfer to the afternoon.


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    Just a note, unfortunately in one of the stages we found the restaurant closed. For the rest everything is ok


    we had a really good time, al fresco and everything perfectly organized, congratulations!

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