12 Max
On Pack
Very easy
5-8 hours
Food and wine

The first and only harvest with dogs in tow and a tour of the Oltrepò Pavese vineyards, with optional tasting at the Sclavi farm to taste three wines of their own production, two along the way and one directly on the farm .... and many bau surprises that make this event conceived and organized by us a real six-legged Bau Moment now in its 5th edition and only for our participants the possibility of pressing the harvested grapes, directly at the end of the day in the ancient biconcia at our layout.
A bottle of excellent Barbera as a tribute to each six-legged couple present ... :-)
Registration deadline Friday 13 September.

Ps you can also participate without being accompanied by a four-legged friend.

MEETING Parking of the church of the Municipality of Montescano at 14.00 pm
WHEN 15 September 2019
TIME / DURATION Pack meeting at 14.00 / Duration of about 5 hours
APPAREL Comfortable shoes for walking, leash, muzzle (to take with you not to wear) and bags for feces.
Wine tasting
Grape pressing
 SUPPLIER  Mylandog


Additional information

GuestsAdult + dog

14.00 Meeting point

Parking of the church of the Municipality of Montescano at 14.00 pm

14.00 - 14.30: Dog socialization

Prevention is better than cure, let's let them know and interact while maintaining the spaces that everyone needs.

14.30 - 15.00: Visit

Visit to the Slavic Farm with optional tasting

16 - 17: Walk in the vineyards

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17 - 18: Harvest

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