Excursion with a dog to Vigevano Castle: historical dog trekking

With a dog at the Vigevano Castle: historical excursion. Very easy route

Hi friends, this path is definitely different from what we usually do but my human got up with back pain so I recommended that he does not make an effort, that it is dangerous to get stuck in the mountains, so I convinced him to do something very simple but at the same time wonderful and then it's not for everyone to have the idea of ​​making one excursion with a dog to the Castle of Vigevano: more precisely the Visconteo Sforzesco Castle.

Already from the approach from the railway station to the Vigevano Castle, I noticed that it is full of people riding their bicycles and the architecture projects you into a world of the past with a decidedly Renaissance taste.

For this path no training needed, it is just a simple walk and the only ones ups and downs are those of access to the Castle from Piazza Ducale (one of the most beautiful squares in the world: it is accessed from under the arcades of the Piazza al Castello), and obviously the stairs leading up to the top of the Bramante Tower. By the way, the steps here are very high and even for someone like me who is quite trained also, with my 4 driving legs, I found some difficulties ... but I think it is due to my perennial desire to do things quickly, taken calmly there should be no problem.

Note of duty for humans: be careful with your head when you go down, at that time the average height was much lower so the steps are a bit low and you could hit us inside. Well yes, you got it right, here we have access to every area of ​​the Castle without limitations, the only thing is that you will have to keep us on a leash.

The Castle is great! There are so many things to see, the only thing we couldn't see is the Male, the last resort where the nobles hid in case of an assault and where weapons and food were crammed because there was a private convention by invitation. For the rest you can visit, as already mentioned, the Square of arms Bramante Tower Horsewoman (in the photo below there is also a nice little park), the underground roads, the covered roads, the Scuderie lodge of the Ladies and there is also the Shoe Museum (nb here was born the first stiletto heel) but in this case, being my human a man, he didn't take me there.

Ritual photo of the excursion with a dog to the Castle of Vigevano

How to reach us

If you move by car you can get to the paid parking lots on the side of the station, here only residents and most of them go by bicycle.

If you use the By public transport it is possible to arrive from Milano Porta Genova station on the train it takes about 30 minutes when it goes wrong ... it took us longer to get from home to the station than from the station to Vigevano. As soon as you leave the station, the paths to reach the Castle are different because there are several entrances but we recommend the most beautiful one and you will find the path below well marked, passing by Piazza Ducale where there is the church of Sant Ambrogio

Inside the park of the Castle, the parade ground of the past


The Trenord Milano PG-Vigevano train for a dog and a person costs € 1,80 + € 3,60. And if you want to stop for a weekend to take other walks in the surroundings (there are 6 other Castles in Lomellina and the Ticino Park to see), there are several hotels that they accept dogs in the Province of Pavia. Climbing the Tower for a human costs € 3, dogs are free.

The Route: from the station to the Visconteo-Sforzesco Castle


Video of the excursion with a dog to the Castle of Vigevano

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Fascinated to see all these wonders


There are several restaurants but we stopped at the Oca Ciuca (via XX Settembre, 1 minute walk from the Castle) which we highly recommend, a little expensive but certain delicacies should have their value. Next to it there are also Japanese all you can eat and in front of a bar to eat sandwiches, in short, there is a bit of everything. And if you want to have an aperitif, the top is to stop in Piazza Ducale, a truly unique place.

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The raised pedestrian path where the nobles passed undisturbed
On the top of the Bramante Tower


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View from the Tower towards Piazza Ducale
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View from the Tower inside the Castle's parade ground

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