Everything that is declared as INCLUDED on the tour detail page is included in the cost of the reservation, we do not charge additional costs or supplements unless explicitly stated in the EXCLUDED or EXTRA section which is optional and at your discretion.
The price shown is the final cost which also includes accident insurance, taxes and secure payment fees to PayPal and Stripe.

We are eco-friendly, you don't need to have a printed copy. However, we ask you to show the ORDER NUMBER and your name and surname corresponding to your booking which is immediately emailed to you after you have made your booking. The invoice is issued automatically: we are good people who pay taxes and we are against black money that ruins the economy and healthy companies.

At the historical moment in which we find ourselves, the customized ad hoc tours are suspended. We could adapt those already present to your needs, eg. add days, hire a babysitter / dog sitter, add a visit to a museum or attraction ...

We do not deal with stays, for that there are hundreds of sites that if they occupy, we deal with dog friendly activities and experiences and if they are spread over several days there is also a stay in dog friendly structures.