Dog party 2017 - Everyone to the park

Parco Sempione is transformed for the dog festival

Hi friends, my name is Mirtilla and I am the President of Mylandog and together with my human pope Fabio we organized “A dog day” in Milan on the occasion of the Dog Festival which is May 11 throughout Italy.

I was born and raised in Milan and I must say that it is really one of the most dog friendly cities in Italy, we can enter almost all public facilities, we can use all public transport and people are used to living with us and most part respects us.

Sunday May 14 arm yourself with sportswear because it will be fun, the event aims to celebrate the Dog Day with "A Dog Day" and to transform the Sempione Park in Milan in a gym for us and our humans.

In fact, starting from 17.00 Bruno Ferrari of the "My dog" dog school will organize small sections for those who want to do some training, alternating exercises and running to keep in shape all 6 legs, my 4 and the 2 of my biped.

The program is full of events to live in the open air, for example there will also be my colleagues from the Canine Unit of the Local Police with internships for families who want to participate and get to know us better and better.

There will also be my friend Marco Curci e Dog Passion who has a wonderful collection of postcards where we dogs are the protagonists, many are very ancient, unique! On the occasion of the event, a limited edition of a postcard dedicated to the event will also be "coined" for those who participate.

Of course there will also be my favorite aunts Vanessa Gray and Eugenia Ferrari leading DogCity, the radio broadcast on Radio reporter with which I also modestly collaborate.

Throughout the day there will be various stands including that ofOIPA with the illustrator Elena Fabbroni who will make portraits of us dogs with their human companions. There will also be Save the paw e I without kennel who will make a vintage gift on Mother's Day since our holidays coincide this year.

There will be many other associations that take care of my furry friends a little more unfortunate than me and I will never stop thanking them for what they do every day, not just at the dog party. If you come from outside and want to have a nice week end do not worry there are many dog friendly hotels in Milan or you can take advantage for example the day before doing some 4-legged excursion in Lombardy.

In short, see you at the "Sempions" as we call it here affectionately from 10.30 to 19 near the Civic Arena, obviously admission is totally free.
To very early Bauuuu