Crafty a dog camera throws cookies when you are at work

Hello everyone, my name is Charly and I am a French bulldog puppy, so everyone tells me when they meet me at the park or when they come to visit me and my mom at our house. I am too comfortable at home with my human friends but it happens, sometimes, that I remain alone because mom and dad work often even late.

But mama had an 'brilliant idea and a few days ago he brought home a whole new toy. To tell the truth it is not a toy as I like to understand them, but a crunchy dispenser that acts as a camera and allows my humans to check me even when they are not at home. Indeed, let's say it better! This is the Furbo Dog Camera, one interactive pet room equipped with biscuit dispenser. And apparently, Furbo is the only camera that behaves this way and needless to say, bringing this tool home, my human friends made me just happy.


Are you curious how it works? I can explain it to you since I have now become a real expert. And, between us, lately I've also taught Bianca, the little corgi of our neighbors with whom I often spend a few days when her human friends have to leave.

When I stay home alone with the Furbo, mine human mom can see what i'm doing whenever you want, simply by accessing the relevant application with his smartphone. When she has a free moment, therefore, she connects with me and plays throwing me my favorite treats that I enjoy catching on the fly or looking for when they fall to the ground.


Whenever my human is about to kick off this game I am recalled by a characteristic whistle (or from a message recorded by her) which, believe me, it took me a few days to learn to recognize. I position myself in front of the Furbo and await the launch which always arrives on time. I imagine my mom's face when she watches me do the somersaults to try to catch the crunches!

If I feel lonely or want to tell my mom that something is happening outside the door, I just have to bark. Furbo, in fact, has a particular sensor that allows it to recognize my bark and notify with a push notification my sweet human friend who can immediately connect with me and help me calm down or, simply, say hello and check what happens.


Mom doesn't know but I'm also learning to understand when she's watching me and when she's not connected. Furbo emits two distinct lights, one blue and one yellow depending on whether the connection with the connected smartphone is established or not. If the spy, therefore, is blue, I know that my best friend is with me, that she is watching me and that, even if not physically present, he never leaves me alone.

Even when evening falls and, therefore, even in our house there is a very low natural brightness, Furbo manages to transmit my live footage to my mom precisely because equipped with HD night vision. Even when he works late, then, he still stays with me.

That said, I watched closely when Mom installed Furbo in our house. Didn't make any effort e getting it right was a breeze. Tell your human friends that you want Furbo in your home, you will no longer feel alone and you will earn a lot of treats and for friends of Trip For Dog, for November, there is a saving of 60 € by clicking here,