ENPA gazebo with witches in Piazza Trento e Trieste in Monza
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Tuesday 6 January the happiest appointment of the ENPA of Monza and Brianza is back, the Befana of Dogs and Cats! In the very central Piazza Trento and Trieste in Monza, the ENPA Christmas stall, present every day (except Thursday 1 January), will be transformed into a cheerful gazebo dedicated to the Befana and the animals that ENPA takes care of every day. Present in the square and in the streets of central Monza, in fact, some nice witches, armed with brooms and baskets full of candies to the delight of the little ones, together with a wagging representative of the city kennel. At the gazebo - present from 9,30 to 18,30 - a rich variety of nice objects and gift ideas all with an animal theme for bipeds and quadrupeds. Also this year there will be the exclusive Christmas stocking full of accessories and toys for the dog or cat of the house. There are also houses, feeders and special food packs to help wild birds survive the winter, and the "calENPArio 2015”Of ENPA Monza in wall and desk version. THE MONZA KENNEL IS OPEN IN THE AFTERNOON On this day of celebration ENPA is also asking for donations for the guests of the Monza kennel / cattery! The structure of via Buonarroti 52 it will remain open from 14,30 pm to 17,30 pm, even for those who want to visit the animals, and who knows, find a friend of their heart. To welcome you another smiling Befana! In addition to bringing provisions and everything that can be useful for our proteges, you can of course make offers, join the association and buy the calendar. [sociallocker id = ”16518 ″] [/ sociallocker] WHAT IS NEEDED? Not everyone knows that the number of cats hosted by the structure in via Buonarroti is three / four times higher than the number of dogs. The request of the ENPA is therefore above all in the feline field, where the choice may be to "fill the sock" with medium quality food for free cat colonies, or with higher quality or specific foods for debilitated cats and kittens, available at pet stores. > For cats in the cattery … We serve generic wet and dry foods for cats with intestinal problems (both dry and wet), and Royal Canin's “Recovery” boxes for debilitated cats and kittens. Among the most useful products available in supermarkets are the particularly palatable food cans in mousse or pate format. These foods are especially useful in winter for the many cats that come with various forms of cooling that must be continually stimulated to eat as, being very cooled, they are not attracted by the smell of food and risk becoming weaker and weaker. Also very useful are the metal mesh kennels in good condition that are used for the capture of cats free to be sterilized and reinserted in the feline colony to which they belong. > For kittens ... For the kittens that we still host both in the cattery and at the home of volunteers of the Asylum of the Puppies - and for those who will begin to arrive from the end of March onwards - the specific boxes for kittens (often called 'kitten') are very useful, available in specialized stores for pet products, and kibble kittens, also available at some supermarkets. > For cologne cats … For the numerous free cats of the feline colonies in our province, cared for by volunteers and guardians, large quantities of medium quality cans and croquettes are needed. Those of the common brands sold in supermarkets are fine. > For the wild … Many products are useful such as milk powder 'Esbilac' (for dogs) and 'KMR' (for cats), suitable for feeding hedgehogs, wild rabbits, squirrels and other mammals; 'Hydroplurivity' in drops (vitamins); 'Energette' (powdered food for pigeon chicks); 'Advocate Spot On' pesticide (the version for cats up to 4kg and ferrets) that ENPA uses for small mammals; 'Neo Foractil Spray' pesticide for birds. > For rabbits and rodents … Hay; fresh vegetables (celery, catalonia, radicchio, ribs, chicory, fennel, peppers, citrus fruits, carrots, Belgian salad, escarole, Roman, riccia ...); wood pellets for litter (possibly beech); Oxbow's “Critical Care Fine Grind” supplement; vitamin C "Cebion" in drops for guinea pigs. > For everyone ... They are always useful plaids, fleece, sweaters and sheets (washed). And they are welcome free cash offers in support of the huge expenses for the purchase of drugs. Even better registration with ENPA of Monza and Brianza for the year 2015. Source: mbnews.it


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