Super 6-legged games with My pet's hero
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Hello to all,
I am Super Joe, a blind cocker, greedy for biscuits and mascot of My pet's hero.

My pet's hero is a community of people who believe that every dog ​​is special and therefore a super dog! My power, for example, is to be able to be pampered by everyone : )

The humans of My pet's hero find themselves on a blog and on a Facebook page but, more importantly, they organize, throughout Italy, many non-competitive games and events designed specifically for us dogs: Super 6-legged games!

All dogs are special and have special skills. During the Super Games each dog can discover and demonstrate his own ability e strengthen the bond with its owner.

Humans can get to know other dog lovers (although I don't quite understand how you do it, since you never smell your backside) and learn new things thanks to advice and help from expert dog educators.

Our achievements are marked on report cards, which our owners can also see on the blog so they can share our progress with other owners.

And at the end of the day each dog gets a medal in recognition of his skills; while humans are rewarded with many useful rewards, such as Baucoin credits (a new way to get services for animals, for free or almost).

I look forward to seeing you at the next games to get to know many new super dogs and have fun all together!

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