World Dog Day
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Today May 11th is our holiday, World Dog Day.

Lots of Bauguri to all of mine furry friends from Italy, Europe, the world whether they are pure mestizos or purebred, large or small, long or short-haired ... for me it is the same we are really many: in Europe alone we are 60 million, did you know that?

Our love for you humans is disinterested, we love you like this, with all your flaws and problems… you are our best friends and we are happy just to be close to you as much as possible.

This world dog day it was established to remind everyone that we are not toys but living beings with pure feelings and rights, the best if you allow me ... 4 legs, a tail and lots and lots of love to give.

Today I stay snoring on my sofa even if now I'm lying on the feet of my best friend who writes under dictation what I tell him telepathically after our morning trip, so I already know that we will do more.

We sincerely thankENPA,OIPA e National League for the Defense of the dog for all the work they do and for the trust they have given us by supporting this totally self-produced, self-financed and independent project for help humans move and do holidays with your dog... or cat, they are our friends too despite the legends portray us as "enemies": that's not true!