Excursion with a dog to Segrino lake: dog trekking Lombardy

Dog trekking in Lombardy: excursion with a dog to Segrino lake. Easy path

Here we are, for this week we will tell you about a trip we took to Lake Segrino in the municipality of Canzo (Como). The path is quite easy, and we suggest you have equipment such as poles and suitable footwear: a pair of hiking shoes, a water bottle and, if you like, a bathing suit as the end of the route flows into Lake Segrino and is great for swimming.

It is now known that my human and I turn and travel for tourism, to be together in nature but above all to take a comfortable leap out of town. Our tours and itineraries are based on fundamental principles such as walk together and get away from everyday city life and strengthen, as if it were needed, our relationship and our intimacy ... in fact by now we understand each other with a look, you know how it is after 7 years together around Europe for 24 hours per day and 25000 km traveled together is all so normal for me to know that he thinks that sometimes it is useless to talk.

For this path a minimum training is needed, this itinerary is simple but there are also some ups and downs and if taken at a leisurely pace, as we do, it is a couple of hours of walking on the way out and as many hours on the way back if you decide to go back from the route otherwise, as we did, after a nice swim in the lake have a nice meal in a nearby farmhouse and it was not necessary to take the Burlacchi path again but to go up the lake to the north.

Halfway through the route you will find a surprise, a belvedere where it will be worth sitting down and taking a few moments of quiet and tranquility while enjoying the view.

A special recommendation is to keep us on a leash because there are passages where it goes down quickly and if you fell it would be difficult to be able to recover ... obviously a possible caccona is to be collected and thrown at the end of the path going out towards the main road, where beyond the bins you will find very good water source... I took a shower as well as quench my thirst.

Dog Trekking Accessories
The usual photo with the trail sign

How to reach us

If you move by car you can practically arrive in the town of Canzo (Como) and from there start your journey on foot.

If you use the By public transport it is possible to arrive from Milan and Como on the train and from both departures it will take about an hour and a half. As soon as you leave the Canzo station, which is very small, go towards the center of the town and from there reach via Caravaggio which is an uphill road from where the path of the buracchi starts. See photos below ... by the way there are several villas on this street with a lot of very nice dog colleagues ... they barked at me about everything as we passed 🙂

Adventure Dog Trekking
The sign indicating the start of the route


The Trenord Milano-Canzo train for a dog and a person costs € 2,30 + € 5,50. And if you want to stop for a weekend to take other walks in the surrounding area (such as the Corni di Canzo), there are several hotels that they accept dogs in the province of Como.

The Route: Buracchi path


Basic principles

- Respect: for every living being and for unspoiled nature;
- Caution: Always evaluate the dog's physical preparation and yours;
- Education: We always greet those we meet in these parts;
- Weather: weather conditions change often, keep an eye on the forecast.


Backpack tips: medium-light.

For this route we suggest you always take one with you water bottle even if the path is practically all in the shade. There are several sources of water and it is possible to take fresh water at the beginning and at the end of the route.

Always carry with you k-way and poncho in case the weather is bad or if it is uncertain.

Trekking shoes, chopsticks and as always a small first aid kit for us dogs and for you humans… oh there has never happened to go back without at least a scratch.

If you like swimming in the lake, bring your own swimsuit and a towel for us too and a pair of slippers to let your feet breathe after the walk and to relax on the grass.


Alpha Dog Trekking
Halfway through the route you will find this stopping point with the viewpoint over Lake Segrino.


There are several restaurants and farmhouses on the main road that crosses at the end of the route (provincial road 41 Vallassina, SP41) or you could take a packed lunch and have lunch directly on the lake shore where there are small beaches with very soft grass. We were on a farm and there I met my new friend Tricky who is a 5 year old female Great Dane twice my height, very nice and naughty ... I must say I was a bit jealous that she was making a face with my human but so I know that he has eyes and heart only for me.

Excursion with a dog to lake Segrino dog trekking Lombardy
The bath is a ritual for us in almost every itinerary we have done
Dog Hiking Boots
With my new friend Tricky at the farm for refreshment


Excursion with a dog to lake Segrino dog trekking Lombardia-pan


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