GPS for dogs, the solution in one app
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Kippy the GPS for dogs that is used with an app

gps-for-dogsHi friends, an amazing thing has happened! My friend Zoe got lost and we all worried why too more than 87000 dogs are lost every year in Italy.

Do you want us to be scared or to get caught up in something that particularly interests us, we take off and we no longer know how to find our humans especially if we are on vacation or in places we don't know well.


Well the Kippy guys came up with this wonderful one GPS for dogs that hooks onto the collar and our humans with their smartphone they can see where we are at any time thanks to an app for Apple, Android and Windows Phone.

They are also among our readers and have given us a COUPON RESERVED FOR OUR FANS, with this COUPON CODE "tripfordogclicking here ONLY UNTIL 11 JUNE your human can have un ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT than the introductory price and FREE DELIVERY. In short, with this invention it will be impossible to get lost. Luckily my four-legged friend was found by a family friend a little further away, but what a scare!



We met the inventors of this wonder and we have tried it for you: the first time you connect you have to wait a little to make the system update and configure everything perfectly but then everything is very easy.

It is light, small and colorful, yes there are multiple versions: white-pink, blue-white and black-brown which is what I prefer since it looks good on my raven hair. Oh I forgot it is also fine for our cat friends, we are not racists.


Here you will see all beaches that accept dogs, dog areas reserved for us or if you go abroad read the advice of like traveling with a dog abroad and current regulations.

So Now we can run around free and happy without our bipeds bothering to get lost. In case your human doesn't use it and you get lost, tell him to check the nearest kennels maybe someone has found you and parked there in the meantime that they come to pick you up.