Green Hill: sentencing to farmers and managers confirmed

Justice has finally been done for the Green Hill Beagles

Hi, did you hear the bad story my human mom told me? It was called Green Hill and was located in Montichiari in the province of Brescia where my fellows were used for experiments. Luckily for me, I discovered that place all the dogs that are beagle breed like me, have been released so as they say everything is good what ends well, in fact now they have a family that loves them deeply, which leads them to take many walks and gives them a lot of delicious food. Also I have heard of some who can also be on the sofa and under the covers just like me. I also lived there as a puppy but I don't have many memories, I was very young, and I am among the lucky ones to have found a human mom and dad who take care of me pretty much right away.

Last night I heard my family talking at the table, while I was doing my usual face with sweet eyes to beg for something, that the leaders of that bad place have finally been punished, certainly I do not wish anyone harm but do not be surprised, the law of the wrong pay is also valid among us little dogs.

Some are still awaiting trial, strange this thing eh, I do not understand, everyone knows that it was them but there are still not all the documents, but at least the main perpetrators were finally sentenced with penalties ranging from a year to a year and a half ... very little in my opinion, but if it is only a personal reflection.

Even the vets who are usually our guardian angels, who should protect us instead they never did anything to save us, they left us waiting and now they are awaiting trial. One day some guys while we were sad and we had lost hope, they came and took us away. That day, however, I remember it very well, it is well engraved in my memory, I was with friends discussing how to try to escape, yes, don't laugh, I wanted to stand up at the head of the battle to try to escape, luckily it didn't help. some humans who love animals have thought.

They started making a great noise outside our boxes, at one point a girl came by everyone to open the doors, in a short time we were all out. Within a few hours we all found ourselves at a vet who visited us one by one for good: those like me who were healthy then stalled by very good ladies who gave us a lot of good food, toys to have fun , and to me also a nice little plastic pig playing ... with which I still play: it is my favorite game.

My weakest siblings have been cared for with a lot of love, so in a short time they recovered. We are also there all found in some events organized by humans for our rights. In a short time we all found fantastic families, all good and with a great desire to give us a new life.

Me and all my fellows we are unable to feel resentment and hatred, we are happy with a few things we, and therefore in a short time we have forgotten everything that has happened, indeed now we run happy, the rest, to the trials and to all justice if humans are seeing it. From what I've heard from mom and dad Green Hill owners have been convicted and will pay, we hope instead they turn a blind eye to the poor people who saved us: for us they are heroes who saved us.

Green Hill, a story of freedom