How and why to protect dogs from the cold

Protecting dogs from the cold is not a trivial matter

How many times, bipedal friends, has it happened to you to look out of the windows, during an autumn afternoon, and watching the wind blow, cringe at the thought of having to go out? You thought: “Brr, winter has arrived! It's time to take out your coat! "
Here, this it also happens to us quadrupeds. Not at all, of course. But many more than you can think of. Exactly as for humans, who are sometimes cold, sometimes not, we also feel the changes in temperature and dogs must be protected from the cold.

My mom is aware of this. When he first took me home, I was just a puppy and it was a beautiful summer. But the months have passed, I have grown up and she (who loves me), has been informed properly (luckily) and has discovered that what they say is not true, that is, that since we are animals, there is no you need to buy us our coat! In fact, we are not made to live outdoors, in the wilderness, but to share life with our humans. And like them, we are different from each other. Indeed it's not just older dogs or those a little sickly to need protection. It depends, as between you, on the individuals.

I, for example, that I am a small dog and I have short hair, in winter I shiver with cold. The first time my mom took me out in a windy November, she saw me right away. Yes why just look at us, to immediately understand everything. Sometimes we tremble, or we look around or stop often, and it's easy to understand that we do this because we feel cold. Oh, then there are our paws. Sometimes your roads are frozen. Sometimes there is snow. Not all of us are sled dogs! We can get burned from the cold, or ice residues can be a problem. Sometimes you yourself sprinkle products on the sidewalks that prevent ice from forming. And it's a nice idea, but it can be dangerous for us to deal with these chemicals. They can be irritating, or worse, it can make us want to give a little lick, and so we find ourselves swallowing them, which it can be dangerous.

My mom quickly realized that I needed protection. So he picked me up, hugged me and brought me inside. And he proceeded to get it for me. But not only. You always look after do not make me suffer excessive temperature changes. Because we live in a heated house. If I always lived in a country villa, I would perhaps be more used to it, but that's not the case! I am a couch dog! And since mom always keeps the heaters on, when we go out, the temperature difference is great and mom knows it. He knows it hurts me. And it hurts her too! Both we can get the flu or worse because we weren't careful! Therefore, I who am so sensitive, I have my coat, as indeed, she has hers. This is even more so if we go on vacation in Trentino Alto Adigein Valle d'Aosta or Friuli Venezia Giulia that we like the mountains so much.

When we go out, mom checks, looking at me, that I don't suffer. We don't go around when the temperatures are too low, she never leaves me out, in the winter and when we come back, checks my paws.
Another thing it always does is let me choose my place in the house. There are warm corners and cold corners. If I choose a place it is because I found it to my taste, not because I am having a tantrum. And one thing he never does, and leave me wet after the bath. It would be really dangerous ...
She's a really good mom, my mom! And yours?