Dogs, my life: a true and exciting story

Bauciao friends, my dad has the beautiful custom, like everyone in the family, to read aloud to share the story with everyone including me, Mela. I like this habit a lot because otherwise I could never know the exciting and incredible stories they write about in the short stories.

What I want to talk to you about today is just one true story that fascinated me very much, indeed I must say that two tears I got off and I think that my human family has also noticed. The book is about an incredible woman who helps unfortunate dogs born in Romania who are raised in terrible places or abandoned on the street and often die before they grow up. It is a human mom, Sara Turetta who wrote the book "Dogs, my life", the founder of Save the dogs, how not to get excited.

I know what stray animals are, I can't think of how these poor abandoned dogs can stay without a warm kennel to rest, a hot meal in the cold winter of Romania, clean water to quench their thirst and the cuddles of human friends. Their life is really sad and dangerous, but luckily there are people who have the courage to dedicate your life to us.

In this case, it is the man who is the dog's best friend and I can only be happy about that. Trusting humans for a stray isn't easy, but when a kind girl lowers herself to your height and patiently waits for you to understand that she wants to help you, you can't help but give in. The desire to feel safe and loved is what all dogs desire just like you humans.

Sara Turetta told her story and ours in the book "Dogs, my life". Yes I say our history and not theirs, because every stray is a pain that we all carry inside, a bankruptcy of the company but then there are cases where the happy ending arrives. While my dad read the words written on the blank pages and shivered with me, sometimes saddening and sometimes rejoicing, I listened and thought.

Yes, I was thinking about how it is possible that humans have not thought about sterilization, I know I don't like it either, having puppies is the best thing in the world but in some cases it would be better to think about it. This solution would avoid leaving many defenseless little dogs on the street, I know what I'm talking about and it's really a bad thing. Would a human ever leave his child alone on the street? No, it wouldn't.

We dogs need the same care as a child, so we should think about sterilization as suggested by Sara who with her non-profit organization has saved and saves many furry little ones. I strongly advise you to read his book and then tell me what you think, prepare the handkerchiefs for the tears of pain but also of joy ... it's all an ups and downs of emotions. One page after another you will discover a new world that will surprise you withintensity and strength that the writer releases with a emotional writing that reaches straight to the heart. Bauciao friends and see you next time!


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