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Hi, I'm Marco a very nice half-breed, modestly, today I'm talking about Christmas and many nice things that you can put under theChristmas tree to make your 4-legged friends happy, but above all to make the Christmas atmosphere more harmonious. I know that alone with gifts you just don't know how to get by and therefore I will come to your aid.

300_beethovenThe secret to having a happy Christmas is staying all together in the family wherever you go, find serenity and laugh out loud and then to spend some fun hours together, you could buy the Beethoven film, the legendary San Bernardo dog who is adopted by a Californian family and who gets into a lot of trouble. He is a real funny guy, a hero for us dogs and a real blast for you humans especially for the children who always have fun with this film. After seeing this movie everything will be different and when I do some little trouble I'm sure you humans won't even notice it since Beethoven combines many bigger ones. Don't know where to buy it? Here I have to do everything, you can find it clicking here and the price is not bad at all, what are you waiting for?

Do you like to get excited and read? Then it can't be missing in the library White Fang, the famous novel by Jack London which is now more than 100 years old, in fact, the first periodicals are from 1906, later the book was then published. The protagonist is a Wolf who, however, also has a dog in his family tree. He has a violent character initially due to the many misadventures he had and the exploitation by evil men, but thanks to the love of a young master who frees him from his inauspicious destiny, he becomes very docile ... I can't tell the end! White Fang remains a pillar in the relationship between humans and us dogs, you can read it a little at a time in the evening, you snuggle up on the sofa, the dog with its muzzle on the children's feet. If you really don't want to read, try buying the DVD of the version made by Disney, exciting, full of adventures and also suitable for younger children, watching it you can only grow together and all the owners will be better after seeing it. Here, as usual you don't know where to find it and I always have to do everything myself! Dear humans find the book clicking here e the movie, instead you can find it clicking here.

300_ballLet's go now to the i games, we dogs really like to play especially when the owner is at work and the children are at school and we stay home alone and we risk getting very bored. Under the tree you could put some funny balls and created just for us dogs, they are non-toxic, you know we dogs always put everything in our mouths, we don't have hands like you humans and therefore our games must be safe, go only to specialized shops, do not improvise. Now I'll show you some balls that could be of interest to me and all my others 4-legged friends. It is a indestructible ball, it does not bounce and therefore I will not damage the windows of the house, you can also fill it with water or sand and your friend will have a lot of fun chasing her. For info click here.

Then I like it also this it is a special ball that you can also fill with treats and I will have fun spinning it around and eating the crunchies that come out, please, try to be generous and choose the chicken-flavored ones that I like so much, avoid fish please, I'm not a cat! It's dishwasher safe so you won't have to wash it and stop complaining about leaving dirty things lying around, plus it floats. Do you know what it means? I always have to tell you everything! It means that I and all my four-legged friends we will no longer have a tantrum at bath time, it seems to me a good compromise. But it does not end there, this ball is also ecological, because it is made with completely recyclable materials and the orange color makes it unique. What are you waiting for to put it under the tree?

300_tunnelBut now I came up with another gift that would be nice to find at Christmas, it is a hose for the agility dog, I admit it is challenging but it is so beautiful, on the market there are several models available that differ in price and sizes so that you can also evaluate based on the space available, but if I have to choose, as a dog I say that this is perfect, is six meters long and has a diameter of 60 cm, also suitable for larger dogs, is made of nylon and a vault when closed it takes up very little space, when you put it in the garden you can give it different shapes, therefore keep it long or give a U shape or why not, a zig zag shape, you can also use it together with other games and create a real dog agility course where dogs can have fun running and playing with their two-legged human friends.

300_ossorousBut now I will seem like a dog with too many pretensions, I know that the period is not easy, I know that you have to give the children a gift first and then I am happy even if you simply give me a floating bone as this. It is a product that helps my teeth to stay clean, it is made of thermoplastic rubber so it does not get damaged easily, the central part looks like a woven knot and this allows you to clean the teeth well. Then having something to nibble under my teeth, I avoid gnawing on furniture or slippers which always makes you very angry, but try to understand, so we smell and even when we are alone we feel close to you.

Now I have one last thing to say, I know that I am a lucky dog ​​because I have a family that looks after me, takes me to the vet (I know I always make a fuss when I have to go there, but it is also true that I know that you do it for the my good), he always gives me something to eat and sometimes he spoils me with food. You all pamper me and take me for a walk even if sometimes I ruin your slippers, but they are there many dogs who are abandoned and need many things, food, blankets, a veterinarian, some medicine, only that in the shelters where they are hosted they do not fare well because there are many abandoned dogs and especially when they are elderly no one wants to take them, so master for Christmas remember to make an offer at the kennel or go and bring something yourself for dogs less fortunate than me. By clicking here you will have the map of the kennels present, what are you waiting for?

Ah please ... no barrels! They terrify us.


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