Ikea cats and dogs: a line for pets

A new Ikea dog and cat line is coming

Ikea. I heard my mum say Ikea, and I immediately raised an ear, because this word means so many things to me: first of all it means making a stroll among many beautiful beds and super comfy looking sofas, on which, however, I cannot climb. And then it means little mouse. Yes, my favorite stuffed mouse is from there. We bought it the first time we went there together; I was just a puppy, and every now and then I stopped by look at those wonderful mountains of games. Then suddenly I saw him, my little mouse Pino. And now every time we go there, my little mouse, which sometimes lacks a tail, sometimes a leg, comes back as good as new. But really new. I don't know how they do this Ikea.

This time, however, it must not be my mouse Pino, because the mother talked about the sofa. A sofa all to myself! Did I get it right? This novelty has sprung up between a bedroom and a living room, he says. It is a line of pet furniture, and it is called Lurvig, which in Swedish means "hairy". Nice, right? A whole series of furniture just for us dogs. Even for cats it seems, but cats are unpleasant to me.
I was saying that this time at Ikea I will be able to choose furniture and accessories designed specifically for me, designed by designers who love animals and who have them designed together with trainers and veterinarians. I like my vet, she always gives me lots of cuddles. The collection is already available in the USA, Japan, Canada and France and from March there will also be in Italy.

But let's not digress, let's get back to the important things: my new sofa. Identical to the one we already have at home, but small, all mine. Did I mention it will be mine? That's right! Not to mention the bed. Mom is happy because I will be able to have a new bed, big and soft, but without spending a fortune. I can not wait! We'll put him in his bedroom, next to his big bed, and I'll be able to snore in it all night. With my new blankets. Yes, because there will be many new and soft blankets suitable for me at Ikea, I'm sure. Mom says we might even buy a few more to donate to the less fortunate dogs. How nice, warm blankets are one of my favorite things. I can roll around in it on gray mornings when my mom is at work. Now I will be able to take many comfortable naps with Pino, with my new accessories and furniture.

I am very happy also for another reason: from Ikea they will now also have lots of furniture for cats. I never talk about it, because this embarrasses me, but a cat also lives in my house. I call him Gattaccio, although I believe his name is Timon. If I don't like cats, it's mostly because of him. He steals my kennel, steals my cushions, steals my bowl, steals everything! But now it won't be like that anymore! Mom is going to buy some gorgeous Swedish-designed furniture that he'll be on it will be able to climb and perch, preferably out of my reach. He can get his nails done and play with his balls and games, and leave mine alone. So finally the Gattaccio will stay off the paws, and I will be able to enjoy all my new Ikea furniture, made to measure for me. Okay, maybe I could host him in my bed every now and then but that doesn't become a habit.