The dog, the heat and the heat stroke

Symptoms, what to do and what not to do in case of heatstroke

In this period we dogs suffer much more than you humans, there is not only the heat stroke we have to stay beware of our paws too that on hot asphalt can be ruined with terrible consequences.

We do not speak but we make you understand and we ask you to use common sense first of all.

Walking on the asphalt when temperatures are very high can provoke us fingertip burns, on a sunny day with wind and medium humidity the sidewalk can reach up to 50 ° ... an egg cooks in a pan at 55 °, you make the comparison.

Avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day but if you really can't do without it, at least try to make us walkshade, avoiding drains and hot grates and if possible go through flower beds and gardens.

One other thing you need to know is that we dogs don't sweat like you, our skin and our system is completely different from the human one: our thermoregulation works through the nose but if we are particularly hot we also use the mouth with the consequent lowering of our internal temperature which usually is around 38 °.

We highly recommend purchasing a dog cooler mat that will keep us cool, guaranteed.



It's easy to recognize the symptoms of a heatstroke: let's start with panting, to fidget and to increase the respiratory and heart rate. We could stagger and in the most serious cases we could increase ours salivation up to vomiting.

To do

Immediately take us to a cool place, All 'shadow and possibly ventilated. If we have a thermometer available, do as you do with children without much embarrassment and measure the temperature by inserting it, carefully, into the rectum. You will have to cool it using rags soaked in water starting with that at room temperature to avoid big jumps and then replace it with cooler water: on the head, neck, armpits and on the inside of the thighs. To be on the safe side after carrying out these small and simple techniques primo soccorso transport us to the nearest vet. I recommend it NEVER use frozen water or ice because the rapid and intense rush forces our blood vessels, isolating our small internal organs and not cooling them. DO NOT force ourselves to drink and in any case that it is NOT cold at room temperature.

Some recommendations

- Never ever leave a dog locked in the car, let alone under the sun;
- Get your head wet and take a bottle or a portable bowl with you
to let us reintroduce liquids that are dispersed with heat, so always leave us free access to water;
- Avoid going out in the hottest hours of the day and in any case follow the shady paths, better if they are gardens, parks or flower beds to prevent our fingertips from burning on the asphalt;
- If your best friend quadrupedal then has particular pathologies or is in excess weight, all the more reason take care by preventing rather than waiting for the worst;
- If you have a garden and your dog can run around freely, make sure he has the opportunity to return to the house or that there are areas of shade where he can shelter;
- Avoid making us run or put a muzzle, we would breathe badly.

Equipped beaches for dogs and facilities that love animals

If you want to go to the beaches for dogs we have geo located 450 all over Europe but I recommend when it's sunny keep us under the umbrella!

Happy BauHolidays to all!