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Hi guys, let me introduce you Ruby, is a mestizo friend of mine who lives in Rome and has decided to write a book about his experiences. Shortly after his birth he was placed in a kennel where he lived for eight years, or at least until he found humans who changed his life.

1467387_778732405486692_563952480_n"Ruby's cube"Tells in first person, so to speak, of transformation of his life started in the kennel to become a star of the web, a story of redemption.
Ruby is the undisputed representative of all those dogs who have lived in a cage for most of their lives. I am a lucky dog, my human came to see me when he was only two days old since he was already a friend of mom and dad, not everyone has this luck.

My friend Rubyinstead, he had a hard life but he made it, he never gave up or lost hope.

You can spread its story and give it away for Christmas
to all the people who deserve your respect and love on behalf of those dogs who are still rescluded without having any fault ... my humans have read it all in my breath and I am really proud of my friend.


Ruby has proclaimed herself sole and absolute President di secondprint, his personal blog, and with this autobiography he lays bare… but no he didn't get shorn! He opened his heart and gave vent to his innermost thoughts for raise human awareness who are almost always distracted by complicated and often useless things.
They have not yet understood that it takes very little to make us hairy quadrupeds happy.

As a big dog he has decided that part of the proceeds from the sale of his autobiography will be donated to Acl onlus who takes care of finding homes for many recluse dogs and has taken care of Ruby's adoption.

Il book is available in many bookstores e online store, here all the information:



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