The portrait of my dog ​​on canvas, a super personalized gift

An unexpected gift: my oil portrait on canvas

What time is it? I look out the window and it is still dark, the moon has already passed and it must be really very late, soon it is the turn of the sun. I'm still not good at reading the hours, after all I'm only six years old, my human is teaching me, but I always confuse the small and large arrows, however I just need to look at the led of the DVD player: 6.45.

Damn I stayed here in the living room, in front of my image imprinted on the canvas, all night without ever closing an eye. I'll fix it with a nap in the afternoon, now it's almost time for the walk.

Marco, my best human friend, was attentive as always, he placed the canvas that portrays me against a wall in the living room, so that I can see it well, smell it and approve it ...
As if it were needed. A glance was enough and we both fell in love: with me, of course.

The portrait is realistic, I am Mela, an objectively very beautiful mestizo dog, but this is not the point, the art that transpires from every skilful brushstroke is full of awareness and love for animals. Love is a strong feeling that it is difficult to suffocate, it tends to expand, overflow and creep even into the most resistant armor that you humans build with the illusion of never suffering.
Sometimes, however, a little bit is enough, a black spot, a few white puffs here and there, two hazel eyes, shake et voilà, here I am in all my splendor indelibly tattooed on the heart, and papi has already told me that he will also get a tattoo with the my name <3

Our friend who gave us this gift she is a master of the brush, a true artist who has devoted herself to the cause of uniting humans and animals, because her sensitive soul requires her to help us all to fully enjoy each other. Is called Gilla Dimer and my dad showed me the site where you can find his dowry: and I must say that I was very impressed, it is so evident the naturalness with which he manages to grasp our unique aspects, not only physical or character, but the deep nature, the personal imprint we give to this world with our presence alone. I really recommend to take a tour and why not convince your humans to have one ... I'm sure sooner or later they will have thought "I would like my dog's portrait on canvas to show off in the living room or in an office, do you know what a great look? "

I suspect the artist was an animal, in a previous life, or that someone revealed the secret to her grasp the fire that breathes inside every living being.
The walk is over, I return refreshed, I settle in my chair from which I will assist my dear human in his sitting on the laptop. He has a lot of work to do, he told me about it during his morning walk: emails to answer, arrange the notes of our last trip, meetings and conference calls as if it were raining ... in short, we are a very busy couple and even before going to the office he already talked to at least 3 different people.

The coffee is in the cup, the mac is already on, but what does it still do with the phone in hand? How many times have I told him to turn it off when we are focused and have a lot of things to do. He's photographing my portrait on canvas. Look at me, look at the picture and smile.

Now I'm everywhere, I should ask him for image rights, he takes advantage of it because I love him too much. Now my naked essence, imprinted on the canvas with oil colors, was forced to be the background to the smartphone, tablet and laptop, obviously here, on the our website and he is sharing it with relatives, friends, companions in the dog area and obviously all our fans… even if in reality they are my fans not his, but I do believe it otherwise whoever hears it!

Someone stop him: he is crazy do you want to take him to the office, I all naked in my essence on the walls where so many people pass by whom I still don't have confidence?

Luckily he comes to his senses, takes my muzzle in his hands, leans his forehead against mine and says to me: "Look at you my love, you are the best and most beautiful dog in the world" and I'm going to jujube broth! He knows just how to take my friend.

Bau Bau everyone and enjoy the video of how it was made and a small gallery of my other dear colleagues who were painted by our friend Gilla.


The video of how it was made


Some works made by Gilla