When hiking with a dog, safety first of all

On an excursion with a dog, both in a pack and privately, care must be taken

Hello friends, I'm Cesare, a beautiful dog like to hear the people I meet.

I have been living with Gianni and Betta for 4 years now, two nice humans who adopted me from a kennel in Tuscany, where I ended up following the disappearance of my previous human mother. With them I really enjoy it, because they dedicate every free moment to me and treat me as if I were their second child. Yes, because Fabio also lives with us, a boy who loves to do a lot walks and as soon as he finishes his homework he takes me around with his friends.
Among the various things my humans love to do is to go to the mountains to do both pack excursions that alone and of course always take me with them.

Hiking with a dog

One day, while we were doing one of our mountain hikes, I had a really bad time. You have to know that I am a very curious dog and I love poking around in all directions, I'm a wizard to follow the trail. So, while we were walking along a very narrow street, I saw a hare that slipped under the ground and so I thought it best to get away from my human family and go look for it. Unfortunately, when I got there I did not see that there was a large log above the den, which slipped down, trapping my leg.
My humans immediately noticed what happened e they came to free my paw, but they realized that something was wrong because I could not put it on the ground. When we are in pack I always hook the leash or lead, which is a loooong longer leash, but so I'm still under control. Every so often when it's just us and there is no one they leave me free to run around and every now and then I combine it ... like this time.

What to bring with you on a dog excursion

Over a little first aid kit for humans, it is appropriate to think that we too can make a few scratches and take some bottarella ...

Thankfully, every time we go for a excursion, Gianni brings the Airlift by Fido Pro for emergency, at the suggestion of one of the dog educators with which we do TripForDog pack excursions who are equipped with it. It's about a portable dog stretcher, very comfortable to carry with you, which allows you to carry shoulder a dog in complete safety when he is unable to walk alone.

This super comfortable dog stretcher has truly saved my life and I recommend it to anyone who likes to take their friends to all fours to go hiking.
You can find them of different sizes, such as the extra large for dogs weighing 32 to 68 kg, or the large size suitable for those weighing 21 to 32 kg, and finally for smaller ones like me who weigh 12 to 31 kg.
Using it is very simple and it's recommended by all veterinarians and rescuers. Once the legs are inserted in the appropriate holes, the Airlift it is worn like an ordinary backpack, allowing our friend to transport us comfortably and safely.
Think this stretcher it bends and can be stored in the lower part of the backpack, taking up very little space.

Have I convinced you? Spread the word friends and tell your humans that excursions with them are beautiful, but in safety they will be even more so… I wait for you in one of the many pack BauTours so we have fun together.


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