On a trip with a dog to Florence

How to best spend a weekend with a dog in Florence

Bauciao friends, let me introduce myself: I am Mela, the President of TripForDog. I am a pure labrador-like mestizo and I have been traveling with my family since I can remember: I have undertaken many trips and with them I love to discover new cities. But above all, it is they who do not want to leave me to spend unforgettable adventures together. In particular, we like to travel the length and breadth of Italy, for his nature and for the cities of art that still have a lot to offer. When they decide to embark on a new journey, it is important for them to be able to find a destination that can welcome us four-legged friends. One of these is Florence itself. And this is not a coincidence. In fact, a 2008 law allows us dogs to enter many public places freely, continuing the tradition of Lorenzo de 'Medici, who was a great lover of dogs.

Activities to be undertaken with a dog in Florence

Florence is a unique city of art in the world, where every corner offers glimpses that leave even us dogs speechless. One of the activities that I liked the most was definitely walking through the city streets. The path that most impressed me was the panoramic tour that goes by Oltrarno at Forte Belvedere, for a total of one hour of tripping. Passing through Porta Romana, turn left into viale Michelangelo and then walk along a tree-lined avenue that leads to a raised area compared to the rest of the city, from which to admire it in all its splendor, without giving up the pleasure of being in the middle of nature. Furthermore, Forte Belvedere it can be visited during the summer months, also to recover from the heat of the climb ... It is also free and even if you do not want to enter it you can still have a coffee sitting quietly in the area of San Niccolò, where certainly there is no shortage of nice bars that provide a bowl of water even for us dogs. Here you can enjoy the view without the crowds of tourists, still doing a good dose of exercise and having fun playing with your humans. Oh get ready that there is not only the center in Florence: it is a big city and there is a lot of walking!
Another dog friendly area is definitely Piazza Santo Spirito. Indeed, it would seem almost strange to get there without a dog on a leash. It is a full-blown meeting place to make new friends, whether human or canine. There in the area there is also a small shop for us four-legged people where you can get some toys or simply let yourself be caressed by the owner of the shop, in via dei Serragli 36.
To be able to run freely, let us take you to the Limonaia in Via Strozzi, also better known as The Grove. The park in question dates back to the XNUMXth century and is truly a dog paradise. Filled with trees and large green lawns, the area dedicated to us also includes a beautiful fountain. Furthermore, here our humans can gorge themselves with excellent pizza but above all make aperitifs. Other parks that I really liked are the Parco cascine, Horticultural Garden, Park of Villa Fabbricott and Stable of Porta Romana. In short, there are spaces where you can play and let off steam, without giving up any glimpse of the beauty of Florence, especially when visited with a dog.

How to move with a dog in Florence

Apart from the Old Town where most of the streets are pedestrianized, in the rest of the city it can be convenient for us and our families to take the bus. In fact, we can travel on ATAF public transport with leash and muzzle (to take with you) you are older otherwise in a carrier. The ticket for humans costs € 1.50 (go to the machines of the Santa Maria Novella station which also takes the ATM) or if you want to do it through your mobile phone and have it digitally it costs € 1.80 and you can download their app for free (NB at the moment it works with all operators except Iliad).

Where to stay with a dog in Florence

Being a tourist city, Florence has many hotels and facilities to offer, depending on your wallet, tastes or needs. In our case, it is essential that thedog-friendly hotel and that it is really dog ​​friendly. We have found three alternatives that belong to the B&B Hotels chain and listed here: https://www.hotel-bb.com/it/citta/hotel-firenze. The first, the City Center, is located in Santa Croce district and as the name suggests it is located in the heart of the city. The other two, Novoli and Palazzo di Giustizia, are respectively close to the airport and the University Center. In this way, spending little but without sacrificing comfort, you can enjoy Florence and at the same time be within walking distance of the places we want to visit. In addition, the room is a real refuge from the chaos of the city, with many options included for guaranteed relaxation. There is only a supplement to pay for breakfast, in fact, to discover Florence you have to be rested and gorged, to embark on new adventures with the necessary energy. Luckily, we dogs too can take part in the travels of our humans, without ever having to part with them and I really liked Florence!