Embark with the Grandi Navi Fast
Mela in the ship enjoying the sea breeze
On the ship I enjoy the sea breeze

Personally it is the way I prefer to travel, by sea. In fact, my master has avoided the plane since I am here to avoid leaving me locked in a cage in the plane hold in the dark among the luggage with the paranoia of finding myself on arrival all freaked out and scared ... and thank goodness 🙂

Traveling from Genoa to Barcelona booked with Grandi Navi Veloci (www.gnv.it) has several routes and allows not only the normal boarding of pets, including dogs, but also thecabin access .. WOW!
There are others company offering the same service e you can find them all on the map by clicking here.

I was surprised at the serenity with which I and the other dogs have "occupied" the last deck of the ship, completely safe where we could run around, play, sleep and do our business in total safety.

Apple in the cabin
I inspect the cabin of the GNV.

Unfortunately we animals we do not have permission to access the restaurant, the bar, the cinema... in short, the common areas considered "delicate" and who knows why, I am more polite and cleaner than most of the people on board ...

For those who do not want to book a cabin there is also an area for the friends of travelers who have booked a seat: there is a dog area (always on the last deck, access from the outside) where there are cages to "park" momentarily to reach the famous delicate areas. I've never seen anyone leave one of us in there but they can come in handy for a quick jump to our human's bathroom or bar.

In any case, I recommend this way of traveling, it is not stressful, it is not tiring and you save time, money and earn it in peace.