Traveling by train in Italy
My seat booked with Trenitalia
My seat booked with Trenitalia

From Milan to Genoa: the destination is boarding for Barcelona, ​​my human has booked a very normal seat with Trenitalia.
But since the ticket for the dog cannot be done online (they forgot the option) he got organized and went to buy tickets in the nearest authorized travel agency 50 meters from the office. The cost of ticket for the pets it's exactly the goal of what the owner's cost is, whatever the class and rate chosen.

Unfortunately, our carriage is "broken" and the crew had the brilliant idea of ​​closing all the doors of the compartments while maintaining access to the corridors, trying to place all the passengers booked in other carriages one by one ... there are only succeeded when they arrived in Genoa. o_O

We have adapted between one carriage and another by occupying the area near the door in front of the bathroom because there are always some pain in the ass making a fuss in the compartment, and then we can both be comfortable ... the nomadic inter-rail spirit of the my dad survives despite getting older 😀

Fortunately, after an initial moment of anxiety, I adapted as I always know how to do: seeing my master calmly relaxed, I become one too by osmosis.

We have known Shaila, for an american cocker 4 year old who only understands Slovak and his human, with our same destination. The train journey to Genoa really flew by. At the Genoa Principe station we took a taxi to arrive at the ship's check-in at the port, with public transport it is really uncomfortable with bags followed, under the scorching sun it is not really worth it. They split the expense in two and we avoided all 4 unnecessary concussions.

Lena and Mela on the train
On the train with my friend Lena

The thing I really liked is that anyway in Italy travel by train for us dogs it's really easy, even with Italo it's possible. Another testimony of the train travel location between one wagon and the other with my dad is the return from Genoa to Milan together with Lena un Honey colored Labrador di 3 years, with his human Paolo, straiata with me between one wagon and another.

To know how traveling with a dog by train in Europe instead you can see here.

After having tested with hand that for example in Spain it is not allowed, except for dogs up to 10kg inside a pet carrier makes you appreciate those little things you take for granted. To be exact, it is allowed to travel with medium and large dogs ONLY in the Northern regions but the ticket costs the same as that of the traveler. I hope Spain wakes up soon, there are about 5 million dogs on its territory, will they have warned them?