In Trentino Alto Adige with a dog, the perfect holiday

The Baucamp in Trentino Alto Adige with a dog

Bauciao friends let me introduce myself, I am Tobia a beautiful border collie, last weekend I took my human family on vacation in Trentino Alto Adige, precisely we participated in the BauCamp, that is, an experience built and designed for families with dogs… We were the beta testers of this experience, in short, of the Very Important Dogs invited to preview to see if everything worked perfectly and I must say that WOW I want to get back to it right away!

We went through it together three wonderful days of hiking in the mountains It's a lot good food, of course, the Relaxing.

Unfortunately, my human friends are often stressed because of work, then with the pandemic they stayed at home for a long time and they were always nervous, I thought that deep down they really needed to be in the middle of nature and breathe deeply and definitely the Trentino Alto Adige is the right place to release tension. Of course we dogs must always take care of stressed human friends ...

In the Dolomites there are many easy routes to tackle this means that it is possible to go hiking even when you are not well trained. The days include excursions with differences in height not particularly demanding, all the excursions are safe as there is always one mountain guide to accompany humans and a dog educator for us dogs. Along the way there are stops in mountain huts and shelters where it is possible to admire breathtaking views, enjoy scents, colors e flavors of the local tradition. During the stops we dogs, under the supervision of the head educator, can run in the meadows and we can roll in the grass, that smell is so good, and then maybe there are also some lizards waiting to play with us, we usually play hide and seek, but I am very good, I have an exceptional nose and I always find them, on the other hand I am a smart dog and my excellent nose is known by everyone ... even when my mother opens a snack in the kitchen I can transport myself to her feet even if they are on the other side of the house.

At the end of days of excursions you stay overnight in super dog friendly facilities where even we dog friends can be treated like gods very important dog. At the facilities of the BauCamp we dogs we can also enter the restaurant, the days are gone when humans went into the hall and we stayed for hours alone in the room waiting for their return, here we are treated as we deserve, that is, how important family members that every day they are busy trying to make humans relax and we are pampered, appreciated and served.

The news does not end here, in fact at the facilities there is also a veterinarian active 24 hours a day, in fact, it can always happen that our tummy or ear hurts a little, and there are also the spas and saunas for truly complete relaxation, even for humans.
Not that I need it, and after all not even my 4-legged friends, but the BauCamp during the stay also makes available, as I said, thedog educator and his role is to help humans communicate with us dogs, after all we are very understandable, but unfortunately humans are sometimes a bit hard of understanding and therefore we must learn to make ourselves understood so that humans can tell us what to do and help us understand how to behave at home, in restaurants, when we meet other dogs and we are on a leash.

In short, bauciao friends, I recommend this wonderful experience for you and your humans who certainly won't regret it, on the contrary maybe they take a taste of it like mine and now we do at least one experience a month together somewhere with TripForDog. I'll give you a virtual 5 with my paw, see you next time!


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