On holiday with a dog in Carinthia

The paradise for a holiday with a dog in Carinthia

Hi friends my name is Bubbola, I am a tricolor dog and everyone says I have a beautiful nose. I am very lucky because I adore my human and she adores me so much that we would never separate and for nothing in the world. Last weekend my human and I decided to take a trip and we therefore started looking for a place where we furry ones were welcome and treated as we deserve. Very often, in fact, we happened to find places where we furry ones, even if very well-behaved, were not welcome and even if I don't make a fuss if I have to stay out for some time, but my human friend doesn't it just goes down.

After my human mom, whose name is Chiara I didn't tell you, did some research on Trip For Dog and found some wonderful offers, she finally showed me our destination. We went on vacation to a place called Carinthia in the south of Austria. We left on Saturday morning and arrived at the hotel around noon, and immediately we were welcomed in the best way. The humans of the hotel immediately brought me a bowl full of water with some excellent treats that I munched while Chiara was checking In, the place is called Dermuth hotels

Once we got to my room, I settled in a comfortable corner and brought us the beautiful blanket that the hotel provides us furry ones, and also some very comfortable pillows. The hotel staff was really very kind and helpful and suggested a series of activities that we could do both in the hotel and in the open air in the surrounding area. In the following days I had a lot of fun running around with Chiara, and getting to know the other four-legged guests of the hotel, some of my furry friends were staying at the Educating Hotel... apart from the name that I know as a training center it is actually a magnificent place full of nature.

I discovered that Carinthia is a magical place where we furry ones are welcome everywhere. In fact, in front of every door, humans put bowls of water and treats in case one of us wants to take advantage of it. In the bars and restaurants everyone welcomes us with pleasure and brings us the house menu specially designed for us. In short, we are treated like royalty and we can accompany our humans wherever they go, and have a lot of fun walking around and visiting the picturesque villages of Carinthia. Together with my human Chiara we went out on many excursions, we did dog trekking and we even played golf, or rather she tried to shoot the balls with a club and I went to get them ... I'm a professional in ball retrieval I io

In Carinthia you can do many activities with our human friends, and I was able to spend beautiful days and see lakes and castles. My human Chiara also made friends with other humans and I found myself very well in the company of their furry ones, who were really very nice, oh yes go on holiday with a dog in Carinthia makes the holidays much better. With them we have walked beautiful paths full of beautiful and very tall trees and with many things to smell. Finally, to freshen up both we furry ones and our best human friends we could swim and play in a crystal clear lake.

We took a lot of souvenir photos, bought souvenirs and Chiara also gave me a beautiful pink scarf that they sold in the hotel where we were staying. A week went by very quickly and when it was time to go home I never wanted to leave. I reluctantly said goodbye to that region full of lakes and mountains and meadows that we furry ones like so much, and now here I am lying in my comfortable kennel in our little house.

The holiday in Carinthia was so beautiful that we are planning to go back again next month and if you want to go there too you can find all hotels where dogs are welcome and above all at the best guaranteed price without commission, better take advantage of it now right ?!

In general, dogs are welcome throughout Austria, take a look at the documents, means of transport and essential information for going on holiday with a dog to Austria.

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