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How many times did you go into a shop and stop at the door, when you notice the sign "I can't enter here"? Many people, rather than leave their dog outside to wait, prefer to desist from buying.

And they obviously understood it well at the Conad of Massarosa (via Sarzanese, at the exit of the Viareggio-Lucca link road). In fact, for some days the director, Luca Ragghianti, has equipped its store with six new shopping carts. 'Special' trolleys, made specifically by a Tuscan company, which, at the top, they have a space dedicated to our four-legged friends. Thus, while choosing bananas, meat, bread and fish, our little dog will be able to accompany us to do the shopping, without disturbing those who do not love animals.

An investment and an initiative that wants to meet those who, even for shopping, cannot get away from their furry friend. “For now we have had only six made - says Ragghianti - and we are experimenting with this initiative started by Conad. If the service works and is successful we are ready to buy more". From the series I can enter here! Approved 😀

Source: versiliatoday


the law, despite the fact that there is still room for a decision by hypermarkets and supermarkets, which if not passed will lead to nothing! In Bologna our furry ones enter the hyper galleries but for example they cannot enter the baker !!! I personally made a fire report which was followed by an apology from the municipality for a chain of premises (Coop bookstores). But I repeat in many situations it is at the discretion of the manager and then we enter them in a black hole !!! children walk into supermarkets with dirty feet and go into trolleys, human scum enters food stores and opens packages and more, and my overcontrolled, vaccinated, parasite-free dog has to stay outside !! We are right in Italy
applause to the conad of massarosa! a note to rita masina: honestly, however clean, hypervaccinated and personally educated, I would not even allow my dogs to enter places where there is fresh UNPACKED food. at counters such as bakeries and delicatessens, I would honestly not allow access to furry dogs for a simple reason: as I said above, the animal can be as polite, healthy and clean as possible, but a shake is enough and the hairs fly everywhere, and in addition to not being basic hygienic, if there is someone allergic to dog hair and just had to swallow one with a food that they cannot wash before eating they would find themselves in trouble. it wouldn't be fair to them. free instead in areas where the food products are absolutely packaged (for example, at the discount store near the house of bulk butcher or bakery products there are none, all prepackaged). another matter for all those activities that do not involve the presence of bulk food (newsstands, stationery shops, even bars in a certain sense, shops in general).

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