Dog trekking itinerary in Liguria: Camogli-Punta Chiappa

Dog trekking in Liguria with a dog. Medium or easy path if done in reverse.

This time my human really surprised me: it is always recommended to check the weather but this time he wanted to take a risk, even in doubt, and in fact we took all the water in the world for at least half the way ... and with hindsight perhaps better this way because under the sun it would not have been the same thing. It is an uncovered sea and mountain route! Fortunately, halfway through the route it stopped and we were able to get rid, both me and my human, of the poncho which is essential to protect yourself well from the rain and not get sick.

I understand it perfectly, in the evening we had an appointment with our friends and he did not want to disappoint them in any way but above all to see them again and spend time all together ... and then I finally saw my human cousins ​​who played with me all evening, despite the tired of the day just to play with them and have fun together I pulled out all the last energy available and I can't wait to see them again.

Returning to the itinerary, it is truly gorgeous. In practice we have arrived to the sea from above until you get practically inside. It is not an easy path for those who are not trained but doing it in reverse, apart from a small part, it becomes.
Or rather than starting on foot from Camogli and returning by boat, you can set sail from Camogli with destination Porto Pidocchio and return to Camogli back on foot.

The beginning of the path towards Punta Chiappa

In practice we started from Camogli (the exact itinerary is found below), exiting the train station we head left towards the road that goes down and leads to the Carabinieri station (ps if before you set out, however, you go to the right instead at 100 m you will find a bakery where I recommend you buy some hot focaccia to take with you). Once there, the uphill path of 1000 begins, but what do I say 10000 steps ... guys, at a third of the way, it will be for the rain or it will be that it was a week that we did not train I must say that I doubted my human and that we came back but then we made a small stop and we left in a great way.

For this path need training, it is not a simple walk and for most of the itinerary, at least up to San Rocco it is all uphill, but of those that go straight up, so we recommend lightweight backpack, trekking shoes, as always water bottle e trekking poles… Don't be heroes. I said before that doing it on the contrary is easier because you could get to Porto Pidocchio from Camogli by boat and do it in reverse where most have descended at that point.

You will be inside the Portofino park and there are many reserves of flora and fauna, in fact three quarters of the way we stopped to eat at the Mulino del Din, an enchanted place on the Golfo Paradiso, where from above we could see shoals of anchovies among the rocks. In theory, we quadrupeds should be on a leash throughout the Park ... well we have been a bit "outlaws" but don't tell anyone, stay with us: we met a lot of Germans who greeted me and I took a lot of pampering without anyone ever complaining, indeed

There are many stops of drinking water, so there is no need to sip it, when you are thirsty drink and make your dogs drink, it can be refilled often throughout the journey. Also a clever thing I noticed is that there are also small collections of rumenta, as it is called around here, at different points along the route (garbage).

The first steps to the top of the Portofino Park

How to reach us

If you move by car you can get up to Camogli or if you prefer "easy win" by skipping the complicated part you could park in San Rocco and make only half the route or leave in boat from Camogli or San Fruttuoso and land in Porto Pidocchio (easy route).

If, on the other hand, you are like us and you like to move with the By public transport it is possible to arrive at Camogli station from Genoa (if you arrive from the west) or from La Spezia (if you come from the east). We started from Milan and changing in Genoa Principe, then taking a regional we got there in about two hours.

The mid-way top view


The train has different costs depending on where you leave but always keep in mind that whatever solution you choose, a dog in train always pay half of your ticket (the child fare). The boat we took to go back from Porto Pidocchio to Camogli instead for dogs is free and for humans it costs 6 €. There are a thousand dog friendly hotels in Genoa and province in case you have a few days to stop and explore the Park of Portofino.

The Route: from Camogli to Punta Chiappa (Portofino Park)


The view from the top of the Golfo Paradiso
When you get here the effort is gone, another 40 minutes but downhill!


As I mentioned before going up, you will find a bakery on the right of the station, but in reality you will find another one just before arriving at San Rocco ... up to there there is nothing so adjust yourself. Once you start the descent from San Rocco you will find two restaurants directly on the sea where you can refresh yourself with fresh fish and homemade desserts, for example we stopped at the Mulino del Drin and we were very happy as well as making us a big belly ... Obviously as before they served me with a bowl of fresh water then they asked my human who wanted: the people we like in short!

Waiting for the boat and I'm getting sleepy
By boat going back to Camogli… I'm a bit tired



Church of San Niccolò, means that you are almost there
Porto Pidocchio platform where you can take the boat at the end of the route

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