Trekking itinerary with a dog: Sentiero Azzurro Lago di Mergozzo

Trekking with a dog on the Sentiero Azzurro on Lake Mergozzo, Piedmont. Easy path

Bauciao friends today I share a new trekking itinerary compatible to do with a dog that we did on the Blue Trail above Lake Mergozzo, a fantastic place where we camped the night before to do it at dawn and see the sun rise. The route is easy to do, and we suggest you have equipment such as hiking shoes: surely you cannot miss a bottle (preferably two) to make the water foot: at the beginning of the path you will find 2 fountains and another halfway.

Escaping from the city with all this humidity and heat was a blessing to spend time together in nature and to strengthen the relationship with your human. The itineraries we do are based on fundamental principles such as walk together and get away from everyday city life to clear our minds and enjoy some healthy silence in the midst of nature.

For this path you don't need a any kind of training, this itinerary is of really easy difficulty and there are no particular climbs or descents and the slope is fairly constant without bothering with tears.

The Sentiero Azzurro is made of dirt, cobblestones and stones since from here they brought the granite down from Montorfano. To tell the truth I have never been on a leash, we have met very few people luckily ... in theory I should be there but don't tell anyone 😉

I recommend friends, even if you put collars or drops against ticks, fleas etc .. and do not forget to always be checked at the end of the path that you never know: my human uses to brush me thoroughly just to be sure not to have taken no ticks on the path and in any case at the end, on returning, he gave me a few baths in the lake.

How to reach us

If you move by car you can get directly to Mergozzo, I can't tell you where you can park because we went to the camping Lake of the fairies and we pitched our tent directly on the lake.

If you use the By public transport instead you can also get there by train at the stop, coincidentally, Mergozzo.


The highway from Milan cost € 5.60 then the petrol you will have to calculate according to your car, by train from Milan the ticket for a dog and a human costs from € 13/19 depending on the train you take. In about an hour and a half you will be at your destination.

The Route: Spirito del Bosco path


Basic principles

- Respect: for nature and for every living being you will meet: human or not;
- Caution: Always consider the dog's physical preparation and yours;
- Education: You always greet those you meet on the trek, do not be unpleasant;
- Weather: weather conditions on the way change often, keep an eye on the forecasts.

Backpack Tips: Lightweight.

For this itinerary we suggest you always take one with you water bottle (with its beak for us) even if the path is practically all in the shade, you will find three sources of water: two at the beginning of the route and one halfway. To go trekking with your dog, we strongly suggest using shoes, if your dog tolerates them, or as I do, who can't bear to put some balm under the paws so as not to get hurt, there are many rocks and dirt roads. .

Always carry with you k-way e cape in case the weather is bad or if it is uncertain.

Trekking shoes, chopsticks and as always a small first aid kit for us dogs and for you humans that you never know.


We highly recommend the Ca 'del Mosto at the beginning of the path, which is also the end going back where dogs are super welcome: the bowl arrives for us before our human can order anything.


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