The first time I tasted my baby food

The baby food: one of my favorite things!

For me it's time for baby food it is always the most beautiful of the day, but only when I find what I want in the bowl. Before, when I wanted, I could suck my mother's milk, but now it's not enough for me anymore. Of course, all day I run, jump, play with my human brothersI'm growing up now, so I need healthy and tasty food.

As soon as I arrived in this new home I felt overwhelmed by the events. Lots of new rooms, bizarre smells, humans who didn't understand what I was asking of them. In addition, none of my brothers came with me; luckily there are some human babies, who play with me like my brothers did.

Except that I can't get on the sofa, yet it seems made for me: it's soft, comfortable and fluffy and I have to stay in this little kennel; soft it is, okay, but it's not as big as the sofa. 
The first day was the worst, I was afraid because I wanted my mom and my brothers. But then I realized that these humans love me and in fact they pamper me every day, they give me very good things to eat and lots of games just for me.

The other day they even let me out on the lawn, it's a very strange thing: like a carpet, but fresh and green, with a special smell. On the lawn I can also do my bisognini, while they made me understand that I can't do them at home. I'm still trying to figure out all the weird rules of this bizarre family, with the mother and the brothers things were decidedly different.

Not that it's worse here, on the contrary, having humans who do everything for me fills me with joy. Then yesterday they bought one strange package of croquettes, it says Orijen Puppy. They are very different from mother's milk, and also from that soft baby food they gave me until a few days ago. They are crunchy and the you can nibble with pleasure between your teeth; plus they have a good taste, which they say is that of chicken and turkey. When I eat these croquettes I immediately feel good and all the problems I had with my tummy, when I ate the food they gave me before, have also passed.

I hope to always stay in this house, with these nice humans, that they make me play and take me to the garden. I heard that in a few months we will go on vacation, who knows what that means; my human cub brothers talked about the beach, the sun and the sea. Even these things I don't know what they are, but I know that if they will be there with me I will have fun for sure. Now I greet you, because my bowl is full of Orijen kibble and immediately after that I have to notify some of these humans, because I have to go out into the garden.