Working with the dog in the office improves efficiency

We dogs are always at the side of our humans, very often we are considered children and we are always present in every good or bad situation. Very often it happens that they leave us alone at home for one reason or another and we suffer a little, but why not take us to work with you? For example in Trip For Dog we are a very close-knit pack.

There would be many advantages and sensations felt by both during such an experience.

Favoring my presence in the workplace has brought great advantages to my mother, first of all it has helped her to remove stress and keep her calm more and more, a bit like with me when I was more puppy and I did a lot of disasters ... huh those good times. My presence near his desk was a boon to the heart, because in my opinion it lessened the sadness and anguish while improving his mood instead. Take me to work with you has totally knocked down theanxiety from my separation and his concern to know that I am alone at home, sharing with me both moments of maximum concentration and breaks to be able to have fun with me. The fact that at the right moment, she had to accompany me out to be able to carry out my needs, means that she too recharges herself with her mood and also physically.

Working at my human's feet increased her productivity, thanks to the serenity that I transmitted to her, thus allowing both her employer and her work colleagues to get to know her better. It made me happy that she made me participate in her life in her daily life, beyond the home life, where only our family is present, allowing me to also get to know his colleagues, their dogs and his workplace.

Sometimes, I really feel the urge to have a contact with a different human being and going to work with her I finally do not miss this! My mom and dad are important figures for me, comforting and above all reassuring. In my presence, they too are much more honest and transparent as they feel loved and understood by me. Working on the computer for mine with me close represents a form of genuine encouragement, this means that they are able to produce more and concentrate more obtaining more precise results. In addition to demonstrating a stronger bond with colleagues in the workplace. Undoubtedly before taking me with them to the workplace my parents made sure that no one suffers from allergies or any fears due to my presence ... even if the fear passed to many in a few minutes. Furthermore, not only having a dog in the office reduces stress, but it has been shown that my mom having to take care of me, during the lunch break, to make me eat or take me out to do my business, reduces your sedentary lifestyle, common to all those who carry out an office job, favors a set of positive consequences due to a greater movement during the day.

Apparently there is less stress, much more productivity in the field, satisfaction in your sector and a lot of spirit of collaboration both with the boss and with your colleagues, in a nutshell, they are able to make a good raise in the workplace of my humans. These are all the fundamental benefits that I am able to bring thanks to my presence in the office, not bad eh ?!

Indeed it would appear that, the people who carry the own dog in the office they have achieved double the satisfaction in the working field, thanks to their four-legged friend compared to all these jobs that do not admit our presence. So I wonder, why forbid us to come to work with you? After all, we do nothing but bring you many benefits together with a series of subsequent satisfactions in the work! So you just have to try ... talk to your colleagues !!!