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I can finally visit my best friend in the hospital!

Until a few days ago I was very sad because my friend was no longer at home. He explained to me that he would have had to go away for about a month to go to a place where people who are not well go but I who am smart and intelligent, I understood that that place is called hospital and I also know that we animals are not allowed to enter.

Here at the pension I don't lack for anything, croquettes at will, fresh water, games of all kinds and many new friends but what I miss are the caresses of my friend, our walks in the park and even the scolding he gave me when I chewed on his slippers or peed on the bathroom carpet.
The other day I heard the owner of the pension talking to his wife and telling her about the latest news just read in the newspaper. He told her that at Prato Hospital now dogs can also enter the ward and cats to visit their hospitalized friends.

I popped my ears because my trusted friend is at the hospital in Prato! As soon as I get out of here I have to remember to lick the mayor Roberto Cenni andcity ​​councilor for health Dante Mondanelli because it was they who fought for two years for this law to be passed! I'm sure that as soon as I tell my bipedal friend, it will immediately lead me to show my gratitude. I know they cannot understand my language, I am aware of this but I wish they could do it for a moment because I would like to explain to them that when a pet walks into a hospital ward and goes to his sick best friend, he might heal faster!

Come to think of it, however, they may be able to interpret my barks since I have heard that there are two passionate dog lovers and that they did their utmost to obtain the resolution of the ASL led by Bruno Cravedi. By the way, I have to remember to lick him too!

So let's see, the pet must have a booklet certifying that it has all the vaccinations in order and I have it.
Then I don't have to bother other patients and I have to feel comfortable in mine pet carrier but I can walk even in the lane if I don't bark. Okay, I'll try to resist the temptation to yelp with happiness and take a bite on the tongue if I feel like chewing on the slippers of the patients.

But please don't deny me barking and crying as soon as I see my friend in the room you will set up especially for us. Does it make you laugh that a dog can cry?
Well, don't do it because too we dogs have feelings and we know how to cry for joy even if the tears are not seen as to you humans.
I know myself, I know that as soon as I see my beloved friend again, I will lick his whole face and wail like a puppy even though I am big and I shouldn't be doing these dog tricks but I am basically a sentimental!
Okay okay, I will try to pay attention to the infusion and not to dirty the blankets with my paws and I swear, not a drop of pee will escape me!

I promise, I'll crouch next to my friend and talk about what happened in the days we were apart. Does it seem impossible to you? It is not because he and I understand each other, I understand his language and he mine. I will tell him about when I miss him, about how much I suffer when I don't smell him at night next to my kennel and how much I miss our rolls in the clover field. I am sure that my presence will do him good because I have heard that it is therapeutic and this thing that has a somewhat difficult word that I cannot pronounce well, it seems to me that it is called "Pet therapy" and it should be adopted in all hospitals and not just in Prato.

Wait a second longer ... it is true that I cry without tears but my master's will be plentiful for the joy of having seen me and they will wet my whole face because he will fill me with kisses!
Now I run away, they just rang the bell and I think it's someone who came to get me ... then I'll let you know how it went, count on it. I am a dog of my word!



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