Letter to Diesel

Diesel: the quadruped French policewoman murdered in Paris

My name is Seth, I'm a police dog who specializes in finding explosives.
I work in the police for 5 years now and I have been trained to protect mankind from ugly people, those who hide bombs in their suitcases to harm other people. It is available in the airports, railway stations and bus stations.

There are many like me.
Other colleagues on the other hand are specialized in sniffing drugs and still others even cash for those who try to cross the border to bring dirty money abroad.

I've read a lot of Diesel, my colleague who fell into service in recent days in Paris, in French, English, Italian and Spanish newspapers as well as an endless list of more or less clear comments without the information coinciding, almost never.

First of all Diesel, my colleague, was a 7 year old female and I'm sure he trusted his conductor as I trust mine: I would do anything he asked me to do, I was trained for this: it's my job.

In her case, it is still not clear why she was sent ahead to sacrifice herself for nothing: it is obvious that a dog without a bulletproof vest or in special clothing would have been killed in a matter of seconds without being able to do anything.

We are trained from an early age, after three months of life our training begins. We didn't choose it, someone did it for us and they knew it even before we were born, but we dogs are like that, we trust and do everything we are taught taking it as a game... but this time it was not a game at all and I do not understand how his human, although he receives orders, has even for a second thought of killing his faithful quadruped without reasoning or trying to make people think who almost certainly has made this decision over him.

I don't want to think about it. I know humans. Anyone dealing with a dog would never make such a rash decision, surely they were forced by someone who doesn't know much about dogs. Stress has probably clouded his mind. There will be people who will think that the life of a dog has been sacrificed to save a man, a father, a son, a husband: in my opinion it could have been avoided but that's just my personal opinion.

Diesel certainly did not decide to make any heroic gesture: he only responded to a command, as we do in the military and police special forces, and we are proud to be part of it: we do our best together with our human colleagues.

Dear Diesel, rest in peace, my human colleague and I are lucky to work side by side every day in the police, we trust each other and would do anything to defend each other. Sooner or later we will meet on that rainbow where all the furry ones have told me go once they leave this land, and there, we will run and play together and we will also have time to tell us about our adventures in the moments of pause.

Hi Diesel, your colleague Seth.

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