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Despite appearances it is easy to think that in such a large metropolis it can be found easy life for dogs, well… that's not quite the case.

Apple in the Retiro Park
At the pond of the Retiro Park, Madrid

There are many parks, primarily the "Parque de el Retiro“, In the heart of the city, but enclosed dog areas do not exist. There are some species of green oasis inside enclosed by hedges very low and in spite of them they could not letting go is quite tolerated. Another point where we have met enough dog friends on the loose it is Plaza de España (practically on the side of a mega street) where we met many dogs but in particular I enjoyed playing with Felipe, a white brat with a very soft fur.

Here, too, as in almost every Spanish city, we dogs cannot access any public transport except on provincial trains with leash and muzzle as Silvia, the human of my friend Ron who lives right in front of the Reyna Sofia Museum, told us.

Apple in front of the Reyna Sofia Museum
Guernica is back there and I cannot enter ...

As far as the 'hospitality hotel for dogs Madrid is quite organized but we have had an unpleasant experience with the hotel where we slept. Although my human has booked well in advance and clearly specified the presence of a dog they refused us because the stunned on duty didn't bother to read the email to the end: dad had to settle in the Italian way extending € 10 at the reception to close one eye and let us rest. The same evening prick to the young lady who accepted the reservation and many apologies to us for the misunderstanding on the part of the manager.

The only ones refreshment places where dogs are accepted, as almost in the rest of Spain, are the locals with the terraces (the outdoor tables) inside it is hardly mentioned anywhere except rare exceptions that we will add on this site as they are verified.

As mentioned in the featured image de “This Christmas take me home”, is a campaign for dogs still confined in kennels in search of families, the Spanish animal rights activists are working hard for our rights. Well done, ole!


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