To the Cathedral of Malaga

Maybe we came across the city festival but I already consider it the city of perdition, here the saying "Bacchus, tobacco and Venus make man to ashes" never made more sense.
It is the slowest metropolis of Andalusia, there is life 24 hours a day without stopping, unfortunately for us dogs there is almost nothing: no dog area or beaches, there is only one a park in the middle of the streets that is called Promenade, another where it is necessary to walk an hour uphill (what an effort) which is called Alcazaba and then there is the Rio Guadalmera, practically a dry river on which they explained to us there is a redevelopment project ready: to adapt the river bed as a green area with an area dedicated to children, a dog area and a park for skateboarders, as in Valencia but the slowness for its development it is equal to the construction of the Salerno-Reggio Calabria.

In the river of MalagaOn the bed of this river we have known Simba (8-year-old Golden Retriever) e Blonde (5 year old greyhound) I played with for a couple of hours until I was exhausted. Ricardo, their human, is a Cuban who lived for almost 11 years in Madrid and who has now moved to Malaga for about 3 years with his family. He is an activist, in the good sense of the word, totally pro dogs: he founded an association with the other owners who frequent the Rio but he also explained to us that it is very difficult to be able to build something concrete such as a beach equipped for dogs or "canine areas" equal to our dog areas. But damn it with so much space how many stories for 4 poles and a net ... these are just weird humans.



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