Fined because the dog has to pee - Frecciarossa Milan-Naples

Frecciarossa Trains Milan-Naples | Fined because the dog has to pee

Bad misadventure a few days ago for a passenger on a Frecciarossa 1000 high-speed train departing from Milan, who found himself paying a heavy fine for his dog (Bruce) because he had a need on the platform.

It is himself, with irony, to tell what happened, after leaving Milan. His testimony, in a few hours, had thousands of shares and a lot of "solidarity". Also for the absurdity of the claim that credit lines remain without fulfilling their needs for 5 hours.

"Departed from Milan towards Naples, with Bruce the dog - he says Andrea Valerio S. who published a video on social media -, cost 150 euros, 100 me and 50 the dog (without seat) the train makes only one stop in Rome, so, I get off on the fly to let the dog get some air. Obviously Bruce takes a pee, but I close the garbage because he's smart. A Trenitalia man introduces himself to me and with the air of a deputy sheriff says to me: "It is forbidden to make the dog pee on the platform I have to pay you a fine!". Before telling you what I replied, I'll tell you what I think. If you make me travel the dog and if you make me pay 50 euros, he is in effect a passenger, so you must also put him in a position to at least take a pee!“, He writes ironically.

Then he continues: “Why I don't I can make him die, nor convince him not to do it. So since on board it is unthinkable, make a square meter of dirt at the head of the platform where the poor beasts can leave two drops during their "expensive" and "expensive" journey! I answer him: "Absolutely okay, call the sheriff and have him come over here to get the details of the outlaw piscione. After a while Sheriff FS arrives (he also has a mustache), and has the unfortunate idea of ​​starting the sentence with: "Look, it's a question of education ... ".

With irony he continues: “What? The jugular leaves me like the sockets of my eyes that make my glasses fly off, I grow 15 centimeters, I get an internal dentition like that of Alien, and drooling I tell him that if he wants my personal details he should have followed me home Naples. The sheriff, therefore in terror, call the police and in 2 minutes an electric car with 5 policemen arrives. The Frecciarossa 1000 is blocked to the track to shed light on the Piscione Outlaw's pee! I am seized by a sense of omnipotence, thinking that I blocked a 1000 in Rome with two drops of mineral salts makes me feel Fonzie and so I ask the policemen if I can take a selfie in the electric car with Bruce and all of them ... at that point I thought already at the Pulitzer! But the policemen, clearly endowed with reasonable and obvious common sense, wink at me inviting me to get on the train immediately in order to quell a first outbreak of protest seasoned with screams and insults for the delay that was increasing ... But not before leaving my personal details, because " c ... I want that fine "... why it is from there that I will start the battle to defend the 4 × 4 piscioni on the station platforms!“, He concludes bitterly sarcastic.


Source: MilanoToday