The first health insurance for dogs and cats is born: Doctor Bau and Miao

Mutual health care for dogs and cats

CIao Amici, my name is Achille and I learned that on February 8th at 13.00, the press room of the Chamber of Deputies will be presented "Doctor Bau & Doctor Miao, the first health insurance for dogs and cats". “We are introducing for the first time in Italy a real concept of associations and mutuality in the treatment of health protection and well-being and more, gods our 4-legged friends, giving life to the "First Health Mutual for Dogs and Cats".

This was stated by Claudio Andrea La Rosa - President of Mias - Mutual Italian Health Assistance “With Dottor Bau & Dottor Miao, in partnership with two top players in their respective sectors, FareAmbiente - European Ecological Movement and EuropAssistance. "This is a series of guarantees and health subsidies paid to the associate in the event of a guaranteed hospitalization of the dog or cat" - continues La Rosa - "we have studied a whole series of exclusive guarantees aimed at consolidating the increasingly close relationship between the animal, in our case the dog and the cat, and its owner or better still the adopter. Such as 'Forever' where we guarantee through the qualified structure of the FareAmbiente Ecozoofile Guards in finding suitable accommodation for the pet friend in the event of the death or incapacity of his owner ".

"We are a dog-friendly company and sociological research testifies to this social sentiment which is no longer just a trend but a consolidated fact: beyond 55% of Italian families have adopted a pet, I would say that this amazing fact is enough to clarify and understand the importance and social function of this relationship. The resulting economic, social and health benefits are evident, so much so that they can be considered real social safety nets; in fact, the latest research speaks of over 4,5 billion savings on the services provided by the health service ”.

"In a nutshell, they make us feel better - continues La Rosa - adopting a dog or a cat should not be considered a luxury but a social value". "I remember that we currently have an increase on costs with VAT at 22% both for food products and for veterinary visits, which is truly unacceptable, which penalizes especially the weakest groups economically or with health problems, which perhaps they make the relationship with their pet a real reason for affective and emotional support ". "Precisely for this - he concludes - we have decided, with an initiative that makes us proud and that fully reflects the social function of the veterinary mutual health care 'Doctor Bau & Doctor Miao', that the member exempt from the health ticket will be able to adhere to conditions of absolute favor to the same with a discount of the membership fee of up to 50%.

This is also handy for traveling when you go in vacation with a dog in Italy orabroad or with a cat that you never know what will happen when you are away from home.