The first dog friendly homeless shelter is born in Milan

The dog friendly Milan that we like

Bauciao friends, my name is Pongo e together with my papy we are guests of the first dog friendly shelter for homeless people in Milan.

My papy, here I will call S., for his privacy he was a freelancer and everything was fine, or rather we had a house, an office, the jelly was never lacking and we went together to work every single day… sometimes even on weekends due to the amount of things to do we had.

As often happens in Italy, however, it is not all roses and flowers and since those who do not pay their bills no one gives them anything, people allow themselves to take your time and your work without giving you anything in return and the State without many. problems asks you the same what according to them you owe him for VAT, INPS, etc ... without even asking if you have really received these pennies ... a non-existent protection.

Having made this due premise, day after day, slowly and inexorably the moment came when we first had to leave the office and then as in the worst sad stories we also had to leave our beloved home, the last refuge we had left, having to sell practically everything we had to be able to survive with dignity ... at least for a little'.

We lived a little everywhere, from shelters under the station to houses under construction without even the windows and we had to get up at dawn so as not to be "caught" by the people who came to work in these construction sites. I followed my papy and I will always follow him everywhere, I don't care where, how and when: the important thing is to be with him and for him to be with me.

Every now and then we managed to recover a few meals thanks to the associations that gave us a paw and that help many people every day who, like us, have lost everything, the biggest problem was really being able to find a warm place, especially in winter, where being able to sleep since no shelter for "those like us" who are a 6-legged family would welcome us and rather than giving up on me, he too has given up on this "comfort".

This will last until September at least, as a 500 mXNUMX building has been confiscated from criminals via Ripamonti 580 in Milan, on two floors complete with a garden and dog and veterinary instructors who also help us quadrupeds who have become the first dog friendly shelter for homeless people who have a dog as a life partner ... and we are 50 here!

La permanence can last 6 months and they are helping me as well as my papy with a reintegration pathways, internships and work grants extendable for another 6 months ... considering that there are 50 beds it is already a good start to rebuild a "normal" life, modest as we had before and this time with the cabbage that will open a VAT number but will support our other new colleagues in some company with his excellent skills and my hyper sympathy, since we know that we carry the good mood in the offices as in any other place modestly.

My human partner is giving it his all and I am and I will always be by your side, I am sure that soon we will go back to the top and we will soon be able to have a house of our own and we will leave our place to someone else who, like us, has hit the bottom for various vicissitudes that happen in life without you even realizing it and they too have the opportunity to start over.

In short, friends in life you never know, the important thing is never give up and if there are these structures then that we hope they will multiply throughout Italy to lend a hand welcome.

We can only thank them one by one, love him and one day not so far away I am sure we too will be able to give our practical contribution to those like us who have found themselves in difficulty.

Thanks to all the volunteers, instructors, veterinarians, cooks but also the Councilor to the social policies of Milan Gabriele Rabaiotti who together were able to make all this possible, heartfelt thanks to everyone: we will never forget what you have done for us.