Dog Christmas? Maybe!
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Woof! My favorite time of year is approaching, that of Christmas holidays! Most of them do not stay at home during this period, but they move almost everywhere.

If you have a dog, in these journeys we must consider that we are not alone and therefore, it is advisable to choose a place that also allows a we dogs to be welcomed. Fortunately, there are many organized structures that allow you to bring animals too. But, if you really want to do things right, there is the possibility of make a choice that we also like. In short, you take your children's entertainment into account when you choose organized villages with entertainment for children but, for us too, there are choices that can make us happy. Indeed, for us dogs there are a lot of attractions and fun opportunities. Indeed, I am convinced that when my owners and I go on vacation, I am the one who has the most fun.

300_trekkingFor example, we dogs are very fond of nature and running and walking it is in our nature. We are descended from wolves and, like them, we like to feel the crackling dry leaves and the cold of the ground under our fingertips. It puts on us an energy that in the city we forget we have, knocked down by all that asphalt with which you filled them.

In many places in Europe it is possible to do Trekking with the dog. This, among all the possible Christmas attractions, is the one I prefer the most. In fact, there are multiple paths to do together, climb the beaten paths and dominate the valleys below from above, we also like us who, alongside our master, we feel more in harmony with ourselves. Breathing an increasingly healthy air step by step is good for both us quadrupeds and you bipeds who accompany us. So, go immediately and buy yourself a pair of suitable shoes and get ready for one of the most beautiful experiences to do with your four-legged friend. And do not worry, it will not happen that you will lose us because we are tied to you thanks to a belt to put around your waist and which connects like a leash to our harness. (

300_dogbikeThis type of belt is also used for other activities such as Dog-Bike. You will normally ride a bicycle and we will be around you and for us it is even more beautiful because, I don't know if you have noticed it, you humans are quite slow when you go on foot! And if you feel unsafe to ride a bike with us tied to your belt because you think it can get in your way, these mountain bikes are also equipped with special rings to which you can attach the leash. This is the ideal solution for cycling enthusiasts or those who simply prefer to move by bike rather than on foot or other means where they have less control. As a reference site to get information on this type of service, you can use this:

300_dogscooterOr you can use the Dog-Scooter, a sort of scooter but canine traction. For you it is fun because you are carried around without making a bit of effort, but we too get excited precisely because, for once, we are the ones who take you and decide where to go.

300_trainerdogSomething similar is the Dog-Kart, reminiscent of a carriage. If done for a short time and, above all, if you don't demand too much of your dogs and don't mistreat them to go in one direction or at a certain speed, it can be a fun game. We must not forget that we dogs love to play and we love whatever makes us stay with our bipedal companions. Doing outdoor activities is critical to the health of both humans and dogs. Perhaps you don't consider how demeaning it can be for even an animal to lead a dull, monotonous life in the gray city. We too need to disconnect! Furthermore, a sedentary lifestyle also leads to putting on weight which, with the passage of time, wreaks havoc on all our vital functions. Especially the cardio-respiratory and skeletal systems. If you then decide to bring your four-legged friends in one snowy mountain resort you will see them totally crazy. We dogs love snow and, often, living in the city we rarely see it. Indeed, some of us do not even know what it is having not yet had the opportunity to see it. The sensations that snow triggers in a dog are difficult to explain and I don't know what evolutionary reminescence they go back to. What I can say is that the cold on the fingertips activates a whole internal chemistry, an adrenaline rush that excites us further. When it snows we just can't stay still, we have to sink our paws into that soft carpet and run far and wide to fill our eyes with that white. We also like to nibble on some from time to time and chase the balls you throw at us. In conclusion, if you take us to a ski resort you can be sure that you have taken us to a little corner of paradise.

300_skijoringThese places are equipped not only for traditional skiing, but also for activities that we can do together. These are essentially two options: the Pulka and Ski Joring. The difference between the two is minimal. The first foresees that we are linked to a kind of sled to which you are also linked, on the other side and with skis. Instead, Ski Joring was initially done only with horses but for some time it has also spread among us dogs. It basically works the same way, but without sledding. So dog and owner are united only by the rope ... what a novelty! 😀

300_sleeddogIn the most famous ski resorts there are special routes to do together and that also allow you to organize small races and challenges with our holiday companions. A hybrid is instead the Dog sledding. It is a simple dog sled. It was born as a sport to be practiced with Nordic breed dogs such as Husky, Samoyed and Alaskian Malamute, but it can be practiced by all dogs. It is also a type of sled that can be used both on snow and on dirt roads (for more information you can visit the site In short, taking your dog on vacation is an opportunity for fun for both of us but above all for us. On the site it is also possible to get information on the places where you can practice these sports and the competitions and events organized by the Official Federation.

So, from now on, when you load up your car, or buy your train ticket, make a place for your four-legged best friend too. Don't leave us in a pension that, however beautiful and equipped, will never have what we need most: you. But above all, do not abandon my brothers on the street. Unfortunately, there are still many who do it, especially during the holidays. I hope to meet some of you soon in one of these places to be able to share these exciting experiences together.


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