Do not give a dog as a gift, it is not a toy
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This message is for you who are thinking of giving a dog as a gift.

You are a person who loves dogs and you have decided to get one at home, we are happy. Adopting a dog is your responsibility, not a toy for your children, much less a gift to give.

You will have already thought and analyzed your situation to know if there are the ideal conditions for to keep the dog and to treat him with respect and love like any other member of the family for all the years of his life and obviously your partner or life partner must agree 100%.

If you are thinking of gifting a dog, stop. Do not give a dog as a gift. The surprise effect is not everything in life, if you really know that the person you would like to give it to loves them: tell her first, make sure and accompany her to choose one consciously and responsibly, because it is a life that we are talking about… Watch this video and then in case check the kennels map and choose the one closest to your home and take a ride.

there thousands of associations that work daily to find a family for these 4-legged angels, get advice from those who know a little more without shame.