The pilot operation of the digital dog registry starts thanks to Qareo

The first experimentation for a digital canine registry

It is truly amazing news for all of us four-legged: a great community that facilitates our life, that of our human friend and also of our veterinarian. All this thanks to a simple free app that you download on your mobile. In this way we will not only be able to make lots of friends ma all medical information and not only that concern us will always be at hand. When we had the last vaccination, but even if we have undergone surgery, allergies, our appointments for vet checks, our favorite treats and our love stories ... finally one digital dog registry that goes beyond the border of your municipality or region.

If any of us no longer find our way home or lose sight of their friend, the community will help them find them. My human introduced me to so many dogs like me witty and nice and with the other humans exchange photos, experiences and information which then come back very useful to me, like the time they told him about new anchovy treats that I really like or if we discovered a new park.

The pilot operation in the kennel

Very important thing is that this thing, starting from the Rivoli Turin Veterinary Center also involved the Doghouse Rifugio Argo. So now even my less fortunate friends treated by ENPA find a family more easily and the Refuge itself has much easier work, because no need to rummage through folders to find information but it's all digitized and within reach of the App. Volunteers will now have an easier time: each guest has a profile that everyone can consult and when some of us are adopted to his new family the profile is also transferred Qareo with all useful information, including medical records.

This reassures humans that when they bring home a furry friend they already have his medical history and know they won't have any surprises.

How does it work

But how does it work in practice? My best friend has created my own account after downloading the Qareo App on her Smart and sharing my complete profile of our favorite photos with grandma Giulia, with mum Franca, who sometimes take care of me and so they can read on their mobile in case of emergency also the phone number of my veterinarian; suffered shared my profile also with Peppe, Silvana and Antonio, who are the family of my furry friends who are called Laky, Romeo and Briciola who live in our same neighborhood but we didn't know it before. We have made many other new friends on the community.

I can play peacefully with everyone because my medical record is online and can be consulted, as well as my human friend knows that I meet dogs that have no health problems or infections that they can transmit to me. E if I lose myself during a thunderstorm there is the crowdsitting function that connects community members who can give a paw… Ehmm I meant hand. In fact, now thanks to my new electronic medal I will send an impulse to all the members of the community and finding myself will be immediate.

Not just for volunteers but for everyone

Download the Qareo App on your mobile phone (iOs e Android) it costs nothing, it's completely free. In short, this App is not only a great opportunity to socialize and have fun all together, but it is also a help in case of need.

My human friend added the petsitter numbers, who in turn have downloaded the App and can know everything you need about me and my human friend when he has to go away is more serene. obviously Trip For Dog and Qareo met and immediately became friends, and they are already organizing many beautiful surprises… stay tuned! Bauciao