Obtained paid employee leave to care for your dog

Taking care of your dog is a right as well as a duty

Today with my human mom we heard some very interesting news, and she was really delighted when she discovered this possibility: in fact, a human mother just like her was allowed to take time off from work in order to look after her sick dog.

This lady is an employee of a Roman university and needed to look after her four-legged son, who had a urgent need for veterinary intervention. The lady lives alone, so she did not have the possibility to entrust her baby to other people, consequently her only possibility was to request a few days of leave to work.

The road was not easy, in fact, initially the permit was denied, however thanks to the intervention of LAV, Anti-Vivisection League, she was allowed to be absent to be able to assist her dog ... and both me and my human mother we find it more than right! 

From this point of view, on the other hand, the law speaks clearly: if you do not take care of an animal you own, you are fully responsible for it, therefore you become the protagonists of a real episode of maltreatment. If she had not been absent from work, therefore, this lady could absolutely be sued for not taking care of her little one, and this would have been a paradox! The lady had to prove that she was the only person able to care for her dog, as a result her application for a work permit was successful.

Obviously this news has aroused a lot of interest not only among us dogs, but also among our human friends: in all likelihood, thanks to what has been granted to this lady, work permits will also be granted in the future for similar cases. I am convinced that this is right, indeed it is a right of both my four-legged brothers and human friends who must and want to take care of their dog.

Unfortunately we hear a lot of news of "smart" workers, who find a thousand excuses not to show up at work, but this does not seem like a scam at all, quite the contrary! If I were to find myself in such a situation one day, I think it would be my right to have my mommy by my side, and she should also be able to be by my side without problems. Besides, she works a lot, but luckily when she is not there I can be looked after by her lover; if I didn't have this luck there would be so many critical moments, e if one day I get sick I certainly can't get by on my own... As mentioned, what has been established by the law can represent an important precedent, indeed I sincerely hope that this is the case, but in addition to this it is hoped that real reforms will be made to the Civil Code.

On the other hand, those who have a four-legged friend like me must be sure that they can apply for a permit in case of need, and should not wait long for the possibility of being absent to be granted: in this case, in fact the lady had to suffer not shortly before this right of hers was recognized. So this is the news I heard today with my human mother, and I hope it can be read by as many people as possible because it can be really useful!

However, once he has recovered, I wish him a good convalescence in one of the dog-friendly hotels throughout Europe, it would be a healthy touch for him and his mom.