Pastry for dogs finally also in Italy
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My human satisfies me in everything! I love.

It was one of those mid-October afternoons and my bipedal friend had taken me as usual to run around in the park. I did my usual nice jog, a bit of "advance" to the poodle of the lady on the bench next to me and I fought with the Maltese who always teases me because he says I'm not up to that white wad with a pink bow on his head . I went back battered under the bench where my friend was reading the newspaper so fiercely that he didn't even realize I was sad about what that disagreeable dog who is capable of making me lose self-esteem had just told me.

I had almost dozed off when my trusted companion told me
<Hey peloso, senti qua. A Reggio Emilia they opened one confectionery for you dogs  by Gattaglio 11 / B and inaugurated it on 4 October. What a splendid creation! Do you think that the Lady who had this idea is Slovenian and arrived in Reggio Emilia 15 years ago. She fell in love with the town, noticed that many are animal lovers and then decided to prepare something special for you. Think, make biscuits of all kinds filled with fruit, cheese, meat or vegetables. And listen here, there are also biscuits for celiac dogs and light biscuits for dogs overweight like you. I like this beautiful thing! I really think I'll take you there, after all you are an affectionate friend and you deserve it!>
I looked at him gratefully and answered him which in the canine language means "Saint Bernard be praised!".

I went out like a bolt from under the bench and went to the poodle with the pink bow on her head and explained the situation in four barks.
At that point I had a fantastic idea! I begged the sweet dog to inform her bipedal friend and maybe we could have gone to Reggio Emilia together!
Well, she looked at me with an aristocratic air and told me she had to think about it.

In the meantime, my great companion kept his promise and after two days he took me to Reggio Emilia to visit the famous pastry shop.
We left early that morning and even though I was not in me with emotion, I tried to stay good and good in the back seat of our mobile kennel savoring those sweet future moments.
As soon as we entered there was already a lot of my colleagues with their friends who were munching biscuits of all kinds. What envy! I was looking forward to breakfast. My friend and I went to the showcase where a myriad of sweets were displayed and he ordered the game ones for me but the owner, Mrs. Jesenija Omanovic, kindly told my companion that I had to choose the cookies myself and me. he proposed 4 or 5 of different tastes. I chose those with fruit because the lady explained to me that that ingredient has anticancer virtues and I care about my health!
What good, what a fragrance, never tasted such a delicacy! Joana, Mrs. Jesenija's sister, prepares them in an oven in Slovenia and then makes them arrive still fragrant in Reggio Emilia but the owner is thinking of opening her own oven.

I was munching blissfully my sugar-free cupcakes when suddenly I met the sweetest gaze I've ever seen in my life. It was a very sweet dog who was watching me and wagging her tail. We quickly made friends and he explained that it is called "Prue" as the name of the pastry shop of her loving friend. I think my eyes have become heart-shaped! I have to admit, I fell in love. The morning passed quickly but Prue and I made an appointment next month and she confided to me that her friend plans to prepare even more delicious and tasty cakes.
What to say! When I slept back in the park I immediately referred to that unpleasant Maltese who can keep the poodle so much in my heart now there is only Prue and his tasty biscuits.



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