Because the dog is the most loyal of animals

I introduce myself

Hi, my name is Poldo, I am a four-year-old dog who has always lived in the home of Marco and Livia, the humans who adopted me. I don't remember what happened to me before, I just know that I was very young and I was welcomed because someone had abandoned me. From that moment on my life has changed, I have learned what affection means and what it means to belong to a family, I am surrounded by love and I can only be grateful, and I would never ever betray them the world falls ... I am grateful by nature.

I love to nibble on croquettes but I don't disdain leftovers, in fact you never have to throw anything away, sometimes I have tasted objects, such as furniture, slippers, shoes, but let's say that they are not very good in terms of taste.

The thing I like to do the most with my humans is go on vacation or just walking around, not just walking but also going to the park and playing Frisbee, I'm really a champion! I am a well educated dog, in fact I almost never do damage and, above all, i am sociable with other animals and I never fight, my best friend is the neighbors' kitten ... think of you!

Because the dog is the most loyal of animals

When they say that the dog is the most faithful of animals it is true, I can confirm it why I would never dream of abandoning Marco and LiviaIn fact, with them I do many fun things and I would not want to break away from them even when they have to go to work, in fact I look forward to their return.

In addition to representing my human family, they are also my pack leaders, I always follow what they tell me and I try not to be disobedient, only sometimes they kept me in detention but I must say that I have found a way to remedy and apologize. The other day, for example, I was bored because I was alone at home, Marco and Livia were at work and they were late and I didn't know how to keep busy.

At one point I saw a fly that buzzed around me and bothered me a lot, at first I tried to leave it alone and go to another room but it started following me, then I couldn't resist and I immediately started hunting, trying to catch it on the fly. Unfortunately, I had not considered my size, I am a large dog, and, throwing myself towards the fly, I ran over a shelf in which Livia kept all the travel souvenirs, breaking several of them.

When they came back and saw the battlefield they got a little angry and put me in detention, so no long walk but only the necessary for my needs, but then they realized that I had not done it on purpose and they immediately forgave me . They know very well that we dogs don't know how to lie like humans.

The fidelity of dogs

We dogs are faithful to our humans for life, we don't mind sleeping in luxury kennels or eating top quality foods, we just want their love and we always know how to reciprocate, with unconditional love.

I just don't understand how you can abandon a dog after sharing moments of joy, play and joy, it's just absurd. I know some friends of mine who have suffered this injustice and the relationship that is established between dogs and owners cannot be betrayed, it is unacceptable. I blindly trust my humans and I have total faith in them, I know they will always treat me with respect and love.